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orange ford edge suv

Ford Edge review

Ok, we’re going to leave the U2 jokes out of this Ford Edge review – promise! This particular Edge, the one with wheels on it, is a large Ford SUV with a huge boot. Comfortable and well-equipped, it’s worth a look if you only need five seats. So it’s big enough for all of U2 and their manager (sorry, done).


If you think that there’s something ‘Big Gulp,’ ‘Super-Size’ and ‘Triple XL’ about the Ford Edge’s styling, you are not far wrong. The large five-seater SUV was really designed for the US market before Ford decided to give it a shot over here in 2016. 

With its humongous front grille, towering stance, big alloy wheels and muscular shoulder lines, the Edge is no shrinking violet. If you fancy an SUV with a bit of visual character, and one that stands out from - even towers over - the crowd, the Edge is worth a look.  

Ford refreshed the styling for 2019, replacing the horizontal bars on the front grille with a cheese-grater effect finish and giving the headlamps a sharper slant. 

ford edge driving

The large 5-seater SUV was really designed for the US market before Ford decided to give it a shot over here in 2016.  

What’s it like to drive?

If you look forward to your annual motoring holiday in the Alps, driving up the 60 hairpin bends of Stelvio Pass, then the Edge may not be quite the right SUV for you. Some of its European rivals do have the, er, edge, when it comes to agile handling.   

Few can compete with the Ford on the motorway where it is relaxed, comfortable and super quiet. And to be honest the handling is fine, it’s just that some rivals feel a bit sharper.  

There’s lots of grip, especially with earlier versions, which were all four-wheel drive. Ford introduced a front-wheel drive version in 2019, which is fine for normal family driving. Of the two diesel engines on offer, the more powerful version is a better choice, given the Edge’s size and weight. 

ford edge driving rear

Few can compete with the Ford on the motorway where it is relaxed, comfortable and super quiet.


Non-drivers in a rush to claim the front passenger seat could be missing a trick. Arguably you’ll find the best seats in the back of the Edge. The two rear outer seats recline, and with so much head and legroom available, you could almost be riding around in the back of a limo like a rockstar. 

Fortunately, you get a pretty good deal behind the wheel too, as the driver’s seat is ever so comfortable. Like the steering column, the driver’s seat is highly adjustable, so it’s easy to find a good position. There’s a great view down the road over the roofs of the cars ahead. The front and rear pillars are quite thick though, which can make visibility a bit tricky.  

ford edge interior

Ford fitted all versions with parking sensors, making it easier for you to manoeuvre more safely. A reversing camera was optional on certain early models, before becoming standard fit on the entry-level Titanium version from 2019 onwards, along with features such as leather trim, heated seats and climate control. 

Packing all your bits and pieces inside the Edge’s cabin is not going to be a problem. In fact, the storage is so good, the only issue you might have is remembering where you put things. The door bins, glovebox and central cubby locker are far bigger than you’ll find in any SUV built in Europe. There are plenty of cupholders and even a three-pin charging socket. 


The Edge’s boot is not only vast, it also has a nice square opening and a flat load lip, making it easy to load and carry four large suitcases – a handy holiday getaway vehicle.  

There’s plenty of places to store smaller objects too, with stowage slots located in the boot side walls and underneath the boot floor, where you’ll find the space saver spare wheel.  

The only downside is that the rear bumper sticks out a little bit, so you’ll need to lean in when loading and unloading objects. 

ford edge boot

Running costs and reliability

While the Edge was quite pricey when new, it didn’t hold onto its value as well as some rivals and that can make it good value on the second-hand market.  

Most owners seem happy with the amount of equipment, space and comfort the Edge provides.

What we love

When the supermarket car park is a sea of European-built SUVs, the Ford Edge stands out from the crowd with its unique US character. We love its tougher-than-the-rest styling and the sheer presence it has on the road. While it’s fine to drive, it’s even better to relax in the back of, thanks to those reclining rear seats.

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If your priorities are optimum space for five, and you don’t have any need for seven seats then the Ford Edge hits the sweet spot. It provides an exceptional amount of cabin and boot space. It’s comprehensively equipped, and it will keep you and your passengers comfortable and relaxed on long motorway journeys.

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