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Skoda Enyaq iV facelift brings tech upgrades

Expect infotainment upgrades, better battery management and extra options

skoda Enyaq

Skoda’s Enyaq iV – one of the brand's best-selling electrified models – is set to get some new upgrades to keep it fresh-faced against the competition.

From now on, iV cars will be upgraded using Over the Air updates (OTA). You’ll also get better sat navs in new models, as well as a heads-up display. Visuals will be sharper too, and the heating and ventilation screens are having a pixel overhaul. 

skoda Enyaq 2023

The Skoda iV platform will now have remote access for three years as standard on all iV models. This is a bump up from previous models when it was an optional extra. You just use the Skoda Connect app to see where you’re parked and your vehicle status, as well as the remote charging, climate control and departure planner from the old app.

Enyaqs will see better performance, with the high voltage batteries losing less electricity to make sure you get the maximum possible driving range.

When it comes to trim levels, Skoda has streamlined the list to four: Clever; Plus; Advanced; and Maxx. If you want to then add extra options, you can. The Clever and Plus packs are full of driving assists, safety tech and comfort features. The Advanced and Maxx packages are more luxe, more highly-tuned for sporty driving, and with even more safety assistance. 

Enyaq_interior.jpegIt sounds like Enyaq iV is going to be looking pretty swish, driving like a dream and helping conquer your range angst too – 2023's looking up already!

Skoda is also charging ahead (pun intended) with its electrification, expanding its iV range as we covered during the launch of the 80x Sportline Enyaq iV. Skoda has its fully-electric Enyaq iV SUV, the all-electric sporty Enyaq Coupe iV, the Super iV plug-in hybrid, and the Octavia and Rs iV PHEVs – so there are plenty of electric Skodas for everyone!

Now Skoda’s electrification is well on your radar, you should check out our range of hybrid and electric Skodas in our online showroom. You don’t have to wait until the upgrades reach forecourts to get yourself an iV, and there are some sweet-looking Enyaqs just waiting for you to snap up for your next battery-powered adventure.

By Freda Lewis-Stempel