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Queen's Jubilee: Best British cars for a Royal celebration

Britain's motor industry has produced plenty of iconic cars in the 70 years since Her Majesty was first crowned. Here are some recent stars worthy of a Platinum Jubilee

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The Queen is celebrating an unprecedented Platinum Jubilee this month as she marks 70 years on the throne. Brits up and down the country are getting a bonus bank holiday to celebrate this incredible milestone - and cinch wants to join in on the party, too! 

To coincide with the celebrations, we’re highlighting the best of British in the world of cars. Ranging from powerful Land Rovers, eloquent Bentleys and lovable Mini Coopers, there's plenty to choose from. But we think our selection embodies some of the Queen’s core values. So, without further ado, let's get to the Best of British - Jubilee style...

Land Rover Range Rover

We’re kicking off this party with the best in the business when it comes to off-roading in style. Land Rovers arguably make the best luxury 4x4s in the world - and the Range Rover embodies the brand's biggest strengths. With limo-like luxury, high-tech off-road hardware and impressive on-road performance, the Range Rover is fit for any Queen or King. Just ask Her Majesty, who over the years has enjoyed her fair share of Land Rover mileage. As our other article here reminds us.

Mini Cooper

Now we turn our attention to the Mini Cooper - one of Britain’s most iconic cars. These days, German powerhouse BMW owns Mini – but the company has sympathetically ensured the brand has not lost its British identity. The Mini arrived in 1959, nine years into Queen Elizabeth II's reign, and has since been the car of choice from the Beatles to, ahem, Mr Bean. The model was even the star of the Italian Job movie. Mini Coopers are automotive landmarks in British culture, and they remain a symbol of British rock and roll culture to this day.

Jaguar XF

Jaguar made its name in motorsport and has since maintained an image for making great handling, desirable cars. The company has raced in Formula 1, Formula E, Le Mans and much more. But alongside flying the flag for British brands on the racetrack, the company has also created the cream of the crop when it comes to driver-focused road vehicles. The XF is an excellent example of the breed. Handily, the Queen herself has routinely had Jaguars in her royal fleet; she’s even been spotted driving her own Jaguar near her Windsor Estate!

Aston Martin DB11

While Aston Martin had earned itself a reputation for making beautiful cars long before it was associated with James Bond, the British company really did hit the big screen (literally) when 007 first drove a DB5 in 1965's Goldfinger. This iconic British collaboration is now 57 years old - and the fact it continues to this day emphasises just how powerful it is for both parties. Slip behind the wheel of an Aston Martin DB11, and you'll know exactly what we mean. You don't need to take your Martinis shaken, but you probably should wear a tux or dress...

Bentley Continental GT

Bentleys are things of beauty – with a handmade lineage that stretches back over a century. Nowadays, their Continental GT and Bentayga are rightfully popular cars - not least with celebrities, who value the lavish, premium and comfortable experience of Bentley ownership. Like Jaguar, the brand's early years were closely associated with an illustrious motor racing history, which saw Bentley win the 24 Hours of Le Mans five times between 1924-1930! These were the years of the now legendary 'Bentley Boys'. Some of the magic of that era can still be felt to this day. Cars like the Continental GT ooze it.

McLaren 570GT

McLaren is Britain’s answer to Ferrari. The supercar maker has battled with the Prancing Horse in Formula One since entering the sport in 1966 – winning 12 drivers’ titles and eight constructors championships with its efforts. And the brand decided to get into the art of road car making full-time in 2010, delivering state-of-the-art supercars that have - on more than one occasion - made alternatives from Ferrari and Lamborghini look a bit off the pace. That being said, one of McLaren's greatest roadgoing achievements is also one of its most approachable. The McLaren 570GT is a thoroughbred supercar, but it's more comfortable and usable than its hardcore siblings. Lovely.