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Everything you need to know about next-gen Apple CarPlay in 2024

Next-gen Apple CarPlay adds customisation and climate control functions

Next-gen Apple CarPlay

Tech fans, we've good news: Apple CarPlay is set for a major makeover in its next generation.

Apple's next-generation CarPlay tech will transform the system's capabilities substantially.

To the extent that Apple reckons it could help you control almost all aspects of a car's interior and settings. Bold but possible.

The current version of Apple CarPlay is effective but comparably simple, letting you mirror your phone to the infotainment screen, giving you easy access to key apps like Maps and Music.  

What will next-gen Apple CarPlay look like?

Next-gen Apple CarPlay screensThe upcoming CarPlay system is intended to integrate with all of the digital screens in your car, including the driver’s instrument cluster display.

That means Apple's system could illustrate your car's digital dials (speed, fuel, revs etc), as well as the digital adjustments for seat settings and so on, in cars where these features are controlled by touchscreens.

In its WWDC 2024 event, Apple announced that this new CarPlay update will allow you to adjust your climate control, meaning it will truly do it all.

Apple CarPlay climate controlsTo emphasise the extent of its ambitions with the next-gen CarPlay technology, Apple has released teaser pictures showing how you'll be able to customise an interior's digital vibe.

From widgets to colours, and day or night mode, expect to get the same ambience many Apple users have already grown to love on their other devices.

Will my car get the new Apple CarPlay?

Apple CarPlay rear cameraOf course, there's no guarantee that all brands will be immediately overjoyed to hand over all of the digital interfaces of their vehicles to Apple.

Aston Martin and Porsche seemingly are, though – this new software is set to arrive in the newest models from both brands later this year.

For all other cars? We'll have to wait, but drivers will undoubtedly have a huge appetite for it.

Originally, it probably would've debuted in Apple's own autonomous car, but this project was canned recently. Who knows, they still might end up restarting the project in future.

When will the next-gen Apple CarPlay come out?

Apple CarPlay car chargingThere isn't an exact date for the launch but Apple has said 'in 2024', and with brands such as Porsche and Aston Martin already onboard, we'd imagine it'll be the backend of the year.

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