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Most wanted car features 2023: Android Auto and Apple CarPlay lead the way

Heated seats and parking sensors are among the most desired features


Car tech and features continue to develop, leaving motorists being spoilt for choice in 2023.

Whether it's heated seats, massaging lumbar support, smartphone connectivity or top of the range driving aids - there's something out there for everyone.

It's understated, but the days of needing to turn a key to fire up the engine or to turn on your electric car are over.

But what are the most sought-after innovations in a vehicle? We reveal the most-wanted car features of 2023 based on filtered searches made by vehicle buyers on our website.

Growing popularity

Our exclusive data is clear: Android Auto and Apple CarPlay are increasingly popular for today's used car buyers.

Searches for cars with the smartphone-mirroring tech were, respectively, 61% and 49% higher on cinch in January 2023 than in August 2022.

Sam Sheehan, our motoring and lifestyle editor, said: “Car technology has advanced at an incredible rate in recent years, and nowhere has that been clearer in the use of high-tech digital interior technology, which is reflected in the searches made by our customers.

“Most cars these days feature some kind of infotainment system but it’s the growing integration of artificial intelligence in these that will positively transform the experience of driving – or riding – in the cars of the not-so-distant future.”

Android Auto and Apple CarPlay

With Apple CarPlay and Google’s Android Auto, you can control music streamed from your smartphone and send audio messages without looking at your screen.

Your phone’s in-built audio assistance will announce incoming messages and read them out for you through the car’s entertainment system. It even works for WhatsApp messages.

It also great for other functions beyond messaging. You can use compatible apps for navigation - such as Google Maps or Waze - as well as using CarPlay or Auto to play podcasts and audiobooks.

Heated seats

Jumping behind the wheel on a cold morning isn’t a pleasant experience. But to beat the chill, more drivers are searching for cars with heated seats.

The most obvious benefit is that they provide immediate warmth to keep you toasty.

But this handy feature can also help with lower back pain, as heat helps relax the muscles and boost blood circulation.

Parking sensors

One of the biggest gripes for motorists is parking - whether that's finding a spot or getting in one.

Parking sensors help with both - giving you confidence you can manoeuvre your car into a tricky and tight spots, which you may have dismissed if you didn't have built-in parking support in your car.

This will help you fit your vehicle in narrow gaps while reducing blind spots around your car, keeping you away from objects or other parked vehicles.

Parking sensors can help ease the stress, which is why people choose cars like an Audi A1.

Thanks to these handy in-built sensors, and even more so with parking cameras, you can become a more confident driver.


New features: what’s in the pipeline?

Car technology has progressed massively in recent years and shows no sign of slowing.

In the not-so-distant future, we can expect to see a wide variety of new, in-built car tools that will further transform the driving experience.

Sam added: “The growing integration of artificial intelligence (AI) in vehicles means that soon, motorists will be able to control cars with a simple verbal request.

“For example, a driver could ask a semi-autonomous car to assist with steering and take control of the acceleration and braking on a motorway.

“They could even ask it to soften the adjustable suspension so the baby in the back can fall to sleep more comfortably.

“Or, with the help of a phone app, a user could verbally summon their car to collect them from the entrance of the car park it’s located in.”

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