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Jaguar F-Type V6 S – cinch Weekend Wheels

Gorgeous looks? Check. Tuneful engine? Check. Fantastic value for money? Check, check and check again!

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While some manufacturers are intent on injecting enormous power and aggression into their sports cars, Jaguar has always gone about things differently. Sure, models like its F-Type SVR, a car powered by a 5.0-litre V8 engine, are capable of scaring your socks off with brutish vocals alone. But most of the range is focused on providing great handling, a comfortable ride and Aston Martin-like elegance both inside and out. When it comes to cars ideally suited to high days and holidays, the F-Type ranks right at the sharp end of them.

We’re speaking from recent experience, because the F-Type you see in the image above was used to visit the teams of Scotland’s cinch Premiership for an upcoming video series we can’t wait to share with you. Be sure to keep an eye out for it. Before you do however, let us run through a few reasons why the F-Type V6 S is an absolutely tremendous machine very much worthy of your attention, rain or shine, highlands or lowlands, weekend or not.

Isn’t it gorgeous? It’s widely known that Jaguar’s designers used the E-Type (the company’s legendary 60s sports car) as the inspiration for the F-Type, which is like placing your tracing paper over the Mona Lisa. Crayons would suffice in producing something good. But the F-Type might just be the best looking sports car of the past decade, with muscular lines perfectly balanced by just-so proportions and pretty details. The shape has been with us since 2013, yet an F-Type still turns heads like a true sports car.

With the V6 S 3.0-litre engine under that extended snout, the F-Type provides enough thrills to keep those aboard equally excited. 380hp and a 4.9-second 0-62mph sprint time confirm that this is a genuine performance car, but what gets the heart racing most is the tuneful growl of that supercharged engine ahead. Superchargers, for those not familiar with them, add muscle to an engine, making it stronger and more eager, giving the F-Type an athleticism that perfectly suits that sporty exterior design. But this is no maniac. Add the Cairngorms as the scenery and this is one sight and sound show to be savioured.

The F-Type can happily cruise about like a grand tourer, carrying you and your passenger (it’s a proper two-seater) long distances in comfort while looking absolutely fabulous. Don’t get us wrong, at the click of the ‘Dynamic’ button, this cat can get wild. The F-Type, with its weight over the nose where the engine is held and power going to the back wheels, can play about on a B-road as anyone who loves driving would hope it could. But leave the automatic gearbox to its own devices and settle into a nice, smooth drive, and the F-Type V6 S will purr - and keep the Poileas Alba happy.

If you haven’t already guessed, we’re smitten after our Scottish trip, and have promptly delved into cinch’s all-online stocklist to seek out an F-Type capable of recreating that V6 S magic. The car you see here is specced appropriately for the occasion, with the same 380hp supercharged engine and only 28,483 miles on the clock. Best of all, it’s up for £37,450 – approaching half what it would have gone for when new – or an equally tempting rate if you prefer your payments to be monthly. While we can’t guarantee you’ll come across the same stunning Scottish landscape we have in our F-Type V6 S, we can confidently suggest you’ll feel the same emotions when that engine starts with its song.