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Government launches ‘Ready to Pass?’ scheme as learner driver pass rates drop 

Scheme aims to increase test success rates

DVLA test

The UK government has launched a new scheme to ensure learner drivers are ready to take their test after pass rates dropped over the past year.  

The ‘Ready to Pass?’ campaign was launched after the Department of Transport stats showed just 53 out of every 100 driving tests were passed between January and March 2022 across the UK. 

learner driver passedAs a result, the government decided to create a scheme to check if learner drivers were actually ready to take their test before booking and paying for it. This will also allow more test bookings to be made available to those who are ready.  

The government says you are ready to pass when: 

·       You don’t need prompts from your driving instructor 

·       You don’t make silly mistakes behind the wheel 

·       You consistently pass mock driving tests 

·       You can control your nerves 

·       Your driving instructor says you’re ready to take your test 

electric carMark Winn, chief driving examiner, said: “You’re ready to take your driving test when you can drive safely and follow The Highway Code without any prompts from your instructor, while keeping our nerves under control.”  

The statement comes after a survey shows that 1 in 10 people who failed their test said it was down to nerves, and 1 in 5 said it was because they made a silly mistake. 

The scheme also recommends moving your test if you don’t feel completely ready for it to ensure a higher pass rate, which in turn will save you money. 

electric car chargingAdditionally, learner driver insurance experts Dayinsure found the number of UK learner drivers opting to learn in an automatic instead of a manual car has skyrocketed 123% in the past year, highlighting the shift to an all-electric future and two-pedal driving. 

one pedal driveDayinsure also reported that a quarter of all driving tests last year were for automatic licences. The same goes for EVs, as 26% of Londoners move to learn on electric vehicles – with more expected to follow. 

It's not surprising considering young drivers tend to be more eco-conscious and like the idea that their car is good for the environment as well as cost-saving. Ourelectric car hub is the perfect place to get started if you need a guiding hand for all things EV. 

automatic car electricIf you’re a learner driver or are someone who has recently passed their driving test, you may be looking for a fresh set of wheels, so here are six we would recommend checking out.  There are lots of small cars in low insurance groups available on our online showroom, so have a gander and see which one you want for the moment you ditch the L plate!

 By Ben Welham