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Mercedes-AMG G63 - cinch Weekend Wheels

This top-grade G-Class is a showstopping SUV with cinematic looks that will never get old. And it's got a V8 engine...

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Go big or go home, right? Well, this Mercedes-AMG G63, our pick for Weekend Wheels, isn't just big in the body, it's big under the bonnet (no sniggering in the back), with a twin-turbocharged V8 packing some serious muscle.

The G-Class or, as traditionalists will prefer, G-Wagen, has a 4x4 history only beaten by the likes of Land Rover's and Jeep's originals. Launched in 1979, the G-Class was Mercedes’ answer to a pared-back, tackle-any-obstacle SUV. The German (Mercedes-Benz Geländewagen) literally means cross-country vehicle. It was designed to be as reliable at tackling the snowy alps as it was muddy vineyards, and it became a huge hit because it was also superbly comfortable.

In today’s world where SUVs and anything ‘retro’ are the height of fashion, the modern G-Class is a super-luxurious, expensive status symbol. We know looks aren’t everything, but this G-Wagen is B-E-A-utiful and it would be rude to ignore that. All things square, angular and sculpted, it’s definitely the SUV for you if you want to drive a head-turner. It’s very tall and commanding, so you'll feel like the king or queen of the road. 

This model is a 2019 G63, which means you’re getting an overhauled version where pretty much everything under the bonnet and inside the cabin is performance-honed, but the already show-stopping G-Class exterior, the looks have been largely left well alone. We love (times a mill) the indicator lights on the bonnet and the external door hinges. The interior is ultra-modern, with two huge touchscreens, menu controls on the steering wheel, a customisable driver’s display, and of course Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. The quality is seriously impressive – metallic trims, quilted Nappa seats and leather doors – honestly you’ll be blissed out riding around in this G-Wagen. There’s loads of space too, thanks to the boxy shape, so it’s perfect for driving friends and family around in, no matter how tall they are!

Obviously, this is a car only for those who can splash out on a high-end vehicle (jealous!), but you get so much kit as standard that you won’t be left wondering where your money went. You get 20-inch alloy wheels, a 360-degree camera, a sunroof, heated and cooled seats, lane assist, blind spot assist (many other assists!) and ambient lighting for those thrilling night drives. It even has headlight washers! Oh, and then there's the engine...

Underneath all the glitz, you have a brutish 4.0-litre petrol engine with a pair of turbochargers, powering all four wheels with 585hp. If you do actually want to use it for off-roading, this flash 4x4 has massive ground clearance, air suspension, and the muscle to get you very far from the road. It really is a workhorse if you want it to be, and we kind of think it looks best with a little mud around the edges. Don’t forget, you can hitch up a trailer, caravan, boat or horsebox, because, unlike some less authentically rugged SUVs, the G-Wagen has a towbar! Thank you Mercedes for keeping this proper 4x4 feature.

In need of a summer blowout, or desperate to get your hands on a fine piece of machinery? Drool-worthy G-Wagens don't come around every day and there's only one in our online showroom at the time of writing. It can be yours for £154,850,or the equivalent monthly price, so seriously, get your card ready because you do not want to let this brute go!