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Best 2022 NFL Super Bowl LVI car adverts

Funny, informative and VERY big budget adverts are part and parcel of the NFL’s crowning event

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You don’t need to be a US citizen to know that Super Bowl LVI was on over the weekend. America’s crowning National Football League (NFL) game is easily one of the biggest sporting events on the annual calendar, and the action attracts attention from all over the world. In fact, the attention is so great that brands wanting to put their TV adverts out during the game’s breaks must spend several million dollars each to do so. But that doesn’t deter them – as demonstrated by the handful of car companies that aired ads during this year’s Super Bowl…

Below, we run through some of the best – and most entertaining – car ads to go out during the 2022 NFL Super Bowl LVI. They come from the likes of BMW, Polestar and Hyundai - and more. And almost all include electric cars. How telling.

BMW iX – with Arnold Schwarzenegger as Zeus

We’re kicking off with a perfect example of the ‘blue sky thinking’ that car brands often employ when creating these adverts. A longstanding contributor to NFL breaks, BMW chose to promote its new iX electric SUV – a car cinch has already reviewed on video here – in a light-hearted two-part commercial featuring none other than Arnold Schwarzenegger as Zeus.

Hyundai Ioniq 5 – with Jason Bateman through time

Hyundai rolled out its own A-list Hollywood celebrity for a commercial on the new electric Ioniq 5 hatchback – a car that, yep, we’ve also reviewed on video here. Mr Bateman narrates this comedy advert that takes us through the times, illustrating how transport has evolved, culminating with Hyundai’s new battery-powered car. Kia EV6 – loveable robodog charging…

Kia EV6 - loveable robodog

Kia – Hyundai’s sister brand – promotes its own electric model, the EV6, by pulling at heartstrings with a cute robodog love story. Well, kind of. The commercial uses an adorable robotic toy to demonstrate the EV6’s external charging port (something it shares with the Ioniq 5 that we used to make a smoothie), while also showing off the angular exterior design of Kia’s handsome crossover in an urban American setting.

Nissan Z - Eugene Levy in an action thriller

Brits, prepare to be jealous with this one. Because Nissan’s Z coupe is a sports car that won’t be sold in the UK, despite our love for high-performance Japanese machinery. Americans, on the other hand, will be given the model, which stars in this two-part mock action thriller movie trailer with Canadian star Eugene Levy behind the wheel. The car looks and sounds epic, especially when it’s drifting around and being chased by motorbikes like this…

Polestar 2 – No nonsense

We really like the way Swedish car brand Polestar has created its first ever Super Bowl ad because it’s done things very differently. In this clean, simple and short commercial, the brand pledges a ‘no nonsense’ offering with its new 2 model. It feels entirely appropriate for this Tesla Model 3 rival’s NFL advert, because it suits the car’s character down to a tee. And we should know, because we’re big fans of the four-door model.

Toyota Tundra - Tommy Lee Jones drag race…

The first non-electric car to feature in our list is another model that won’t be headed to Britain, but this time, it’s less surprising. Because it’s an enormous pick-up truck. The Toyota Tundra is a powerful model designed for America’s love of big cars, and a suitably big-profile celebrity is enlisted to show the new model off. Tommy Lee Jones, wearing a cowboy hat, sets the Tundra up for a drag race, emphasising its power. How American.

General Motors – Doctor Evil’s ‘Frickin' laser beams’

Quite possibly the funniest advert for the 2022 NFL Super Bowl came from US brand General Motors. It features Mike Myers and his former Austin Powers colleagues, playing the cast of Doctor Evil’s team in a GM-branded headquarters. Myers is brilliant as ever, with the ad playing with the themes of the original movies, while also showing off GM’s latest and future models, Evil-style. Oh, how we’ve missed the laugh of Mindy Sterling character, Frau Farbissina.

Chevrolet Silverado EV - The Sopranos intro

Chevrolet decided to promote its electric version of the Silverado pick-up truck by creating a spin-off of the intro sequence from HBO's The Sopranos TV series. With star from the show, Jamie-Lynn Sigler, behind the wheel, it trades comedy for coolness – while emphasising that the Silverado is good for both city and highway use. That’ll count for much in front of an audience that typically prefers high-powered petrol cars.

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