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Aston Martin DBR22 concept celebrates 'Q' division's 10th

Open cockpit two-seater marks 10 years of Aston's ultra-exclusive Q - and it'll inspire a customer car...


Aston Martin has unveiled the gorgeous DBR22 you see here to celebrate the big 1-0 (also known as the tenth birthday) of its Q division. The bespoke arm of Aston creates highly exclusive models for just 0.1% of the brand's customers, with recent builds including the very pretty Vantage V600 and the unashamedly track-focused Vulcan (both are spectacular). What better way to mark the occasion than adding to this exotic pile with something new?

Although officially a concept car at this stage (think of it like a design prototype), the DBR22 is actually set to make production, albeit in tiny numbers for Q customers. Like the concept, the customer cars will take the form of a traditional racer, with classic contours on an open cockpit body. Notice the vintage car in the pics? That highlights that the DBR22 is a flashback to the DBR1 and DB3S – both of which hold key roles in Aston's amazing racing history.

Aston Martin DBR22 exterior

Aston Martin DBR22 interior

Expect it to be appropriately lovely to drive, too. The V12 twin-turbocharged engine gives the DBR22 enough muscle to reach a top speed of 198mph. It will do 0-60mph in 3.4 seconds and is set to be agile and race car-like in its responses, and fabulously tactile with all that noise and drama. The eight-speed paddle-shift automatic gearbox is a far cry from the weighty manual gearboxes of old DBR models, but this is a luxury car as well...

Scintillating engine aside, some of our favourite features include the carbon fibre grille, horseshoe vent in the bonnet and a pair of buttresses behind the headrests. The cockpit follows the same theme with leather and exposed carbon fibre living in harmony, alongside a new infotainment system mounted into a clutter-free dash. For added luxe, you can pick ‘Paint to Sample’ and get an entirely bespoke colour, just in case you’re worried someone else in the 0.1% will have the same.

So what for the rest of us who aren't in the Q club? If it's got to be an Aston, there's a lovely Aston Martin DB11 in our digital showroom right now, and it’s not a concept, it’s there in the metal. For those inspired to get a drop-top, cinch's selection isn't short of supply. See our best convertibles video here for more inspiration. Oh, and happy birthday Q!