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Aston Martin DB11 - cinch Weekend Wheels

Cor blimey. What a way to kick of 2022 this would be

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Here's a question to ponder on Xmas Eve: What car would Father Christmas drive were his reindeer out of action because, say, they were forced to isolate like lots of Brits on the night of the 24th? He’s a shapely fellow that needs to get from A to B (and then C, D, E, F etc) in good time, with a car that has decent luggage space and seats that can relax muscles tired from chimney hopping. Oh, and he must look the part while he’s at it. We think we have the answer. Father Christmas needs an Aston Martin DB11. We’re only half joking.

Okay, we’ll accept that our suggestion has a few, erm, holes in it. The DB11, as far as we can tell, can’t fly itself between continents, for example. But as a luxurious grand tourer, it can certainly cover enormous distances about as elegantly as is possible. The DB11 in our all-digital showroom is powered by a Mercedes-AMG V8 engine, supplied as part of the German firm’s technical tie-up with the British car maker.

While perhaps not quite right for Santa’s late-night duties, those of us dreaming of a more glamorous, freer 2022 will see much to like in Aston Martin’s two-door grand tourer. A car that, despite its sleek roofline, has two small back seats so you can take the little’uns along for the ride, as well as a boot long enough to swallow two sets of golf clubs or the equivalent in family luggage and boxes of continental wine. This is a genuinely usable Aston Martin with luxury, comfort and practicality top of its priorities. It’s almost sensible.

That’s not downplaying the DB11’s dynamic abilities though, because this V8-powered car has 503hp and the legs to accelerate from 0-62mph in four seconds dead. Should you find yourself on a private runway or something similarly safe on which to test it, the DB11 will keep on motoring until you reach 186mph. Not bad for a car that can do so much. Of course, the main responsibility of that engine and the eight-speed automatic gearbox it’s paired to is to provide effortless, gutsy muscle. And it does. Times a billion. All while totally sounding the part.

Add in the DB11’s fantastic road handling, ride comfort and, let’s be frank, the fact it’s an Aston Martin, and you have yourself one very desirable grand tourer. Were we to be in the market for this sort of car (we wish), the DB11 might just be top of our list. Certainly we’d be spending our Christmas nap dreaming of the prospect of owning it. For those who can, you might like to know that even cars as high-end as the DB11 go through the same rigorous checks as other motors, while also being delivered to your door in as little as one week. What a way to kick off 2022 that would be...

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