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All-new Range Rover Sport to be revealed on 10 May

Land Rover's set to unveil the third generation of the much-loved Range Rover Sport... nine years after the last generation was launched

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Hold onto your hats, because we are just days away from the big reveal of the all-new Range Rover Sport. Land Rover has confirmed the third-generation car will be unveiled on 10 May, after the previous version was launched way, way back in 2013. That’s a solid nine-year reign!

Land Rover has been an absolute tease ahead of the launch by giving very little away... But to help whet your appetite ahead of the launch it has allowed some small snippets to be seen, like thin LED headlights (see grainy pic below) and a curved-touchscreen infotainment system (see pic above) for the dashboard - carried over from Land Rover's other recently upgraded models. Given the way of the world, it's inevitable that there an all-electric version of the Range Rover Sport will be introduced. Land Rover has already launched the Mk5 Range Rover (the full-sized model that sits above the Sport) last year with a fully-hybrid option.

The Range Rover Sport has been an incredibly popular car and for good reason too. We gave the Range Rover Sport five stars as it combines supreme comfort and immense performance as well as being a smart-looking SUV. It’s the ultimate all-rounder – allowing you to travel in style with the performance to handle any terrain.

While it's due for reveal in May, customer examples of the Range Rover Sport will naturally not reach roads until later in the year. But you can get your hands on an example of the current generation right away, using cinch’s all-online, faff-free service. At the time of writing, we have a Range Rover Sport available for £34,450 in our online showroom, which is ruddy tempting, if we do say so ourselves.