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Can you negotiate price on a car from cinch?

There are plenty of benefits to buying your next used car from us

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Getting a cheap deal on your next car

When it comes to buying a new car, securing the best possible price is at the top of most people’s to-do list.

While it’s still possible to visit a dealership and negotiate a price, many motorists are choosing the stress-free and simple process of buying a car online.

Here at cinch, our used cars go through an in-depth inspection process before being listed on our site, and models are reconditioned to meet our high standards.

Our used cars are priced fairly and competitively, so we don’t offer negotiation on the listed price.

We review our prices regularly to make sure they're still great value - meaning no haggling is needed to get an impressive deal on a used car.

There's one fixed price for everyone, too. This takes the pressure out of the car-buying process and removes any confusion.

We regularly have offers running on our site, so it’s a good idea to sign up to receive our marketing via email so you can try and get your dream model at a reduced price.

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Getting a cheap deal on a used car

Although you can’t haggle on price when buying a used car with us, there are other ways you can ensure the car buying process suits your budget.

Filter by your budget

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When shopping at cinch, you can use our filters to find cars that suit your budget.

When you’re browsing our vehicle stock page, choose the ‘low to high’ option from the drop-down ‘sort by’ menu to see the cheapest cars first.

If you have a specific budget in mind, we also have filters that allow you to show models that sit within a price range.

Just choose your price range from under the ‘Price’ drop-down menu.

You can also choose to filter by discounted models to make the most of our sales.

Sales and offers on used cars

Most online car sales sites do not offer the option to negotiate prices, but you can still take advantage of sales and discounts.

At cinch, we often have promotions running for money off our cars.

The best way to keep informed of these discount opportunities is to sign up for our emails, as we’ll let you know when there are bargains to be had.

Even when we have promotions running, all our models are still held to the same quality standards.

These are ideal opportunities to get a car that’s in great condition with some money off.

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Consider a car finance deal

If your concerns about buying a car come from having to pay the total cost upfront, then a finance deal could be a good option for you.

Personal Contract Purchase (PCP) car finance allows you to pay an initial payment on a car and then follow up with regular monthly payments that are laid out in your contract.

Once your monthly payments come to an end, you’ll have the option to pay the final ‘balloon payment’ to take ownership of the car, or you can return it.

PCP car finance can be a great option if you’re unsure whether you want to commit to buying the vehicle, but you will need to consider things like fair wear and tear if you plan to return.

Hire Purchase (HP) car finance is another financing option that allows you to pay a deposit and cover the rest of the cost of your contract across monthly payments.

You’ll become the owner of the car once you make your final payment and a small additional amount.

Keep running costs low

Once you’ve bought a used car, you can keep costs low by keeping an eye on how much it costs to run your vehicle.

You could choose an electric vehicle (EV) if you want to cut down on the cost of fuel and maintenance, as EVs usually need less upkeep over time.

It’s worth doing some calculations ahead of buying your car to work out what you’ll likely be spending on fuel or charging up.

If you make lots of long road trips, looking for an efficient car with great fuel economy could be a good idea.

Cutting down on insurance costs by considering your predicted monthly mileage and where you store the car can also help, but make sure you’re always honest with your insurer to keep your policy valid.

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