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10 ways to completely #cinchit at your next festival

Our top tips and tricks for the best festival experience

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A faff-free festival experience is something we can really get behind here at cinch.

Festivals can be a lot of fun, but they’re also testing at times when you’re out in the elements with limited access to facilities.

We’ve put together a collection of our favourite tips for ensuring a smooth festival experience so you can make the most of your summer adventures. You're welcome.

Bring your spare car key and store it separately

There’s a high chance of losing something at a festival, but don’t let it be your car key!

If you do misplace your main keys, having your spare tucked away somewhere else will mean you’ll still be able to get back on the road and head home.

Separate each festival outfit into its own bag

If you take an extra minute to bag your outfits individually, you’ll never be scrambling around in your luggage trying to find something to wear each day.

You can also pack it in the same bag once you’ve finished wearing it, so you won’t get your dirty and clean clothes confused.

Take a back-up phone just in case

Look, we aren’t saying you should splurge on something brand-new for the sake of having two phones, but a back-up is never a bad idea at a festival.

You can grab a classic Nokia brick for cheap, or you could repurpose that older model you forgot to trade-in after your last upgrade.

Having an extra means of communication tucked away for emergencies is a great way to stay safe and connected.

Set your phone lock screen as a list of contact numbers in case you do lose it

Having contact numbers of the friends you’re with at the festival on your lock screen will mean anyone who finds a lost phone will know who to call.

You can also add details like a check-in point they can hand the phone into so you’d know which one to go and check first (saves you wandering around checking them all!).

Opt for a disposable camera to capture your festival memories

We’re all so used to taking photos on our phone, we rarely think about the other options.

A disposable camera allows you to take photos without worrying about your phone battery, and you’ll get the added surprise of a final reveal when you get to have them developed.

Plus, you’ll be less upset about losing or breaking a disposable than you would your phone!

Finding the best camping spot

If you’re too close to the venue, you’ll constantly be disturbed by other festival goers trampling back to their tent, but camp too far away and you’ll have a long trek ahead of you.

Settle for somewhere in the middle, and get there early so you won’t be squashed into one tight spot.

If you're a committed festival goer, you might also want to find the best car for the job. A large SUV is ideal for festivals and camping.

Treat yourself to inflatable seating

They’re a bit of a hassle to blow up, but inflatable chairs usually take up less space than folding seats.

You can go all out with an inflatable sofa and then just fold it up and shove it in the car at the end of your trip.

Wear a head-torch as a necklace

If you choose to wear your head-torch around your neck, you’ll find it lights your path in the dark without needing to stare at the floor, as it will already be point downwards.

You can also wear it as a wrist accessory until you really need it so it’s not taking up extra space in your bag.

Mark your camp territory with a flag

This is a quick and easy hack that you’ll be grateful for at the end of the night – put your own camp flag on your tent so you know where you’re going.

Ever lost your car in carpark? Well, imagine that but there’s hundreds of other identical cars and all of your belongings and bed is inside.

Get crafty and make your own flag to guide you back safely –future you will be grateful.

Wear your wristband on your non-dominant hand…

Without going into too much detail, your dominant hand is the one you’ll likely be using for all kinds of dirty jobs whilst you’re camping, so putting your wrist band on your non dominant hand will keep it cleaner for longer.

This is especially important when navigating those infamous portaloos. Trust us on this one, you’ll be thanking us later.

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