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Our guide to day festival essentials

Heading to cinch presents TRNSMT this weekend? We’ve got the faff-free tips on how to maximise your festival experience

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Everyone loves a festival – and that goes double for festivals that are faff-free!

Here are our top tips for cinching it with your day festival preparations. You're welcome.

Dress to impress (and for the fest) 

Obviously I’ve got my outfit sorted, we hear you say!

Well, pack some waterproofs as a sensible ‘late summer’ precaution, and don’t be tempted to bring an umbrella to keep that outfit looking in fine form, as they’re not allowed on-site. 

On the same note, pack that sunscreen too, so you’re not left red-faced. Ouch. 

Put on those dancing shoes! 

From dancing along to your favourite acts to exploring the hearty choice of food vendors, you're going to want to be in your most stylishly comfortable and dance-ready pair of shoes. 

And if it’s not too much of a rub on your fashion senses, consider an option that’s suitable whatever the weather.  

Leave the loose change behind  

cinch presents TRNSMT, like a lot of festivals in 2021, is a cashless affair – leave those coins at home and make sure you’re contactless-ready.  

Take a break and recharge   

There's nothing worse than you or your phone fading before the headliner has even hit the stage.

Make sure you take the opportunity to take a break and recharge. Our Faff-free Deck at TRNSMT has some comfortable beanbags to chill out on and both wireless and USB charging to give your phone a boost. 

Not to mention it’s a great place to grab a water refill and much more…  

Win a car  

Yes! That's right, not only can you chill, recharge and refill on our Faff-free Deck, you can win a car. 

And it’s winner’s choice, as the lucky QR code-scanner (now that’s how you do a faff-free competition) will be able to pick any car from the cinch website up to the value of £15,000.

Terms and conditions apply. 

Explore the whole festival  

It can be tempting with such an incredible lineup to just stay planted in one place all day. 

There’s so much to enjoy at cinch presents TRNSMT, so make sure you explore the site and see what gems you might discover. 

We’ve already got our eye on some tasty-looking lobster rolls. You might even be tempted to hang with us for a while and enjoy our resident DJs.  

Take in the view  

From the big wheel to the very front of the crowd, there are loads of ways to get a great view at cinch presents TRNSMT. 

One we can’t wait to share is our awesome Viewing Platform. Look out for the cinch squad who’ll be surprising festivalgoers with an epic view of the main stage. 

Flash ’em a smile, you never know what might happen.