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Volkswagen Golf

Car finance for Volkswagens

Spread the cost of a used Volkswagen across monthly payments with car finance.

Finance for Volkswagen cars means you can spread the cost of the vehicle across a flexible deposit and monthly payments.  

You can choose from PCP (Personal Contract Purchase) and HP (Hire Purchase) car finance agreements. These will last for the fixed term that you decide when applying.  

How it works

Choose your ideal Volkswagen and start the finance process.

Get a quote

Pick your deposit amount and get a PCP or HP car finance quote or consider part exchange.

Apply online

Your finance lender will need details like your home address and affordability factors to give you a personalised offer.

Get a decision

The car finance lenders will review your application and be in touch to tell you if you’ve been accepted.

Your offer

If you’re happy with your offer, it’s time to accept and start your finance term.

How much does it cost to finance a Volkswagen?

The cost of a Volkswagen on finance depends on:

  • how much the used Volkswagen costs

  • your deposit amount

  • the length of the term you choose

  • the interest rate you are offered

You can also part-exchange your current car to pay towards your next model.

Make sure you can commit to the term of the loan and that you can afford the monthly payments on top of your usual spending.

Failing to pay car finance or making late payments can damage your credit score.

bad credit car finance

What you’ll need to apply for finance for Volkswagen cars:

In the application, you may be asked for:

  • your name

  • date of birth and nationality

  • your recent address history

  • your employment status

  • Bank details

  • your driving licence – full or provisional

  • your income and outgoings

Choosing HP or PCP for your Volkswagen: what’s the difference?

HP (Hire Purchase) and PCP (Personal Contract Purchase) are types of car finance that help you pay for a Volkswagen.

White Volkswagen e-Golf driving on country road

With HP car finance for a Volkswagen, you:

  1. Put down a deposit

  2. Choose your car finance term

  3. Pay monthly payments over a set time

  4. Own the Volkswagen car at the end of the plan

If you want to end the agreement early, wear and tear charges may apply.

Red Volkswagen ID.5 parked on country road

With PCP car finance for a Volkswagen, you:

  1. Put down a deposit

  2. Choose your car finance term

  3. Pay monthly payments over a set time

  4. Keep, hand back or part exchange the car at the end, with an optional final payment if you choose to keep the car.

If you want to hand back the Volkswagen – this is subject to mileage and condition (excess mileage and damage charges may apply).

If you part exchange at the end – this may be subject to paying off your existing finance agreement and new credit agreements.

It’s important to give an accurate mileage if you apply for PCP. If you go over your allowance, you’ll have to pay an excess mileage charge.

Volkswagen car finance FAQs

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