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white volvo v40

Volvo V40 Cross Country review

The Volvo V40 Cross Country is an unusual machine. Essentially a slightly raised and more rugged version of the Volvo V40, it’s not quite an SUV and not quite a normal hatchback. It is, however, probably the safest car of its size thanks to Volvo’s commitment to protecting people.


On the outside, the Volvo V40 Cross Country looks very similar to its 'standard' V40 cousin – but with an increased ride height and a few other exterior styling elements.

Colour options available on the Cross Country include Onyx Black, Denim Blue, Rich Java, Osmium Grey, Passion Red, Raw Copper, Crystal White Pearl. The one pictured is finished in Crystal White which helps to show off its curves and sculptured design.

white volvo v40 side

Reassuring. That’s the word to describe driving a Volvo V40 Cross Country.

What’s it like to drive?

Reassuring. That’s the word to describe driving a Volvo V40 Cross Country. Riding just that bit higher than a normal hatchback, you get an improved view of the road and a comfortable ride. Most Volvo V40 Cross Country models are front-wheel-drive. The most powerful petrol-engine cars benefit from the enhanced traction of all-wheel-drive.  

These aren’t serious off-road cars. The added ground clearance is a bonus on rough roads and city speed humps. It’s the standard-fit safety equipment that makes the Volvo V40 Cross Country really confidence-inspiring, however.  

white volvo v40 in a woods

All models feature a City Safety automatic braking system designed to prevent low-speed bumps and the car has no less than seven airbags, including one that pops out of the bonnet to protect pedestrians. These innovations enabled the Volvo V40 Cross Country to score full marks for safety with experts Euro NCAP. 

The understated style of the Volvo V40 Cross Country exterior design follows through inside.


The understated style of the Volvo V40 Cross Country exterior design follows through inside. It’s not showy, but it is cleanly designed and built to a very high standard. If there’s a criticism it’s that the car’s once-pioneering centre console controls now feel a little dated, even if they continue to function well.  

Front passengers will find that the seats are supportive and comfortable and the leather trim in the Pro version is high-grade. Volvo provides lots of storage onboard, with a big glovebox, centre locker under the armrest, a pair of cupholders, decent-sized door pockets and a hidden area behind the ‘floating’ centre console.  

Moving to the rear, there’s enough room for three to sit abreast. Taller teens or adults might grumble at the headroom. A big centre armrest and pop-out cupholders make riding in the back more pleasant when there are just two people seated.  

Standard equipment includes DAB stereo, climate control and cruise control. Volvo also offers a range of upgrade packs to add to the car’s tech features, including enhanced safety equipment such as active cruise control, blind spot warnings and lane-keep assist. Parking cameras and a panoramic sunroof are desirable extras as well.

volvo v40 black interior


The Volvo V40 Cross Country is a compact car, so if you’re seeking extensive carrying capacity then you may want to look to a larger Volvo V60. A couple of full-size suitcases and a soft bag is all you’d fit into the boot without folding the rear seats.  

A neat touch includes a split-level boot floor designed to keep your shopping bags upright on the way home from the supermarket, and it’s also very easy to fit child seats in the rear using the ISOFIX mounts. 

volvo v40 boot

Running costs and reliability

The Volvo V40 Cross Country should prove to be reliable and frugal family transport. The most efficient diesel engines should cover more than 70 miles on a single gallon of fuel and produce 99g/km of CO2, which saves on road tax and company car tax.  

Even the most powerful T5 petrol version with all-wheel-drive should manage more than 40mpg. Volvo recommends servicing every 20,000 miles and the company offers service packages for new and used models.  

What we love

The Volvo V40 Cross Country puts your family first. Its strong Euro NCAP score is thanks to the fitment of a host of safety kit as standard that you would have to pay extra for in rival cars.

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The Volvo V40 Cross Country may not be the largest family car but it’s big on safety. It will quietly protect you and your family without show, fuss or a hefty price.

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