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Mercedes EQC

Mercedes EQC review

Effectively an all-electric version of Mercedes’ well-loved GLC, the EQC is a refined and comfortable EV that the German manufacturer has lovingly created since 2019. This compact luxury SUV is perfect for anyone who’s eco-conscious, but not prepared to sacrifice luxury and refinement.


There’s a certain heft you expect from an SUV. A bulk, almost. With it, some sports utility vehicles can look blocky and unwieldy. Thankfully, that’s not the case here with the stylish EQC.

This sleek and sophisticated vehicle brings to mind the GLC that it’s based on with much smoother lines. There’s a real elegance to the design which shows a reassuring - and, quite frankly, required - evolution from previous SUVs from Mercedes.

The roofline slopes pleasingly down towards the back of the car, giving it a subtly sporty look. The combination of the headlights and grille doesn’t exactly scream ‘MERCEDES!’, but there’s a familiar shape and look here that will please die-hard fans of the marque.

What's it like to drive?

A few things stand out to a driver of the Mercedes EQC. Firstly, there’s the total lack of noise. Okay, so it’s an EV, but this is an especially noiseless car.

It’s also a very reactive and responsive drive. Not only that, but it’s a ride that handles beautifully, making it a pleasure to drive around the city or out on the open road. While it’s not a sports car, it accelerates impressively for a vehicle of its size and weight.

The various advanced driver assistance systems available allow you to relax and let the car do the acceleration, braking and steering for you. All you as 'the driver' need do is keep your hands on the wheel. It takes a while to get used to, but it's quite something once you do.

The various advanced driver assistance systems available allow you to relax and let the car do the acceleration, braking and steering for you.


There’s acres of space inside the EQC, meaning everyone aboard can sit however they wish and enjoy lots of room in front of them, above them and around them. The driver’s seat is positioned quite high up and far back - an ideal driving location.

The leather seats look particularly plush and high end when contrasted against the glossy black finish of the dashboard. Buffed and polished metal touches dotted around the dash are a classy veneer and everything feels as solid and well-built as you’d expect from Mercedes.

You’ll find two 10.25-inch displays in the EQC, one where you’d expect, giving you all the driving data you’d require and one central display. The other being an intuitive and clear infotainment system with haptic feedback which can not only be controlled via the touchscreen, but also via a trackpad mounted between the two front seats. This fun and unique option is, admittedly, better utilized by the up-front passenger than the driver.

Both Apple CarPlay and Android Auto smartphone mirroring are available, depending on the spec of the model. The voice-activated personal assistant works nicely, especially in the near-silent surrounds of this EV. Just say ‘Hey, Mercedes’ and away you go.


Inside, the cabin is spacious enough to fit five passengers in with plenty of luggage while never coming close to feeling cramped.

While there’s ample boot space at the back, it’s true to say that most of the EQC’s rivals provide more room for suitcases, shopping, golf clubs and whatever else you lug about the place. And, unlike some other EVs, there isn’t a small front trunk (or ‘frunk’) at the nose of the car. That’s not a huge blow, just a little bit of a shame.

Elsewhere, the front and rear door storage areas are nice and generous, and the lidded cubbyhole (complete with integrated cup holders) is more than ample. The magazine pockets at the back of the front seats give passengers in the back somewhere to stash their reading material and the vague sense that they’re on a flight somewhere.

Reliability and running costs

As you might well expect from a prestige brand such as Mercedes, there are no repeatedly reported issues with the EQC. You needn’t concern yourself with the reliability of this car. Nor do you really need to spend any time worrying about the running costs of the thing…

Charge an EQC fully and you should get, according to Mercedes, an impressive 255 miles before you need to plug the battery in again. Charge it from empty to full at home and you’ll manage it in around 12 hours at a cost of approximately £12 (give or take).

What we love

If you’re looking for a car that’s your own miniature oasis, a sanctuary of calm, then you may well have just found it. The Mercedes EQC is about as quiet as it’s possible for any vehicle to be. It’s comfortable, safe and reliable. It also drives very nicely indeed.

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A classy and fully electric SUV, the Mercedes EQC is not only great for the environment, but it’s also roomy, comfy and a brilliant drive. In fact, it’s a car that ticks so many boxes, it’s difficult to really pinpoint a specific market for it. It’s ideal for families, but of executive quality. It’s a real driver’s car, while also firmly being an eco-conscious motorist’s dream at the same time.

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