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blue Audi S7

Audi S7 review

The “S” in the S7 stands for Sportback - that tells you what to expect from this particular Audi. It’s not all about breath-taking performance, though - it’s also practical in ways that you just might not imagine, as well as being very luxurious.


The S7 is the sporty bigger brother of the A7 - as you can tell from its recognisably Audi profile coupled with the coupe sportback lines. 

As well as looking like it’s built for speed, it’s also a very large car that makes for a head-turning presence on the road, or in the car park. 

The classic Audi rings are shining on the grille - elsewhere the branding is a little more subtle with small badges that only the real Audi spotter will notice. It’s also a car that looks good from every angle, although most other road users will probably be most used to seeing its 4 gleaming exhaust pipes as it speeds off into the distance.

blue Audi S7 side

The S7 is the sporty bigger brother of the A7.

What’s it like to drive?

Yes, yes, a thousand times yes. You know that you can rely on Audi to create a good driving experience and they’ve really pushed the boat out with the S7.

A lot of it has to do with the smooth V8 engine that works in perfect harmony with a twin clutch automatic gearbox that shifts quickly and effortlessly. Electro-mechanical steering, Audi’s Drive Direct 4-whell drive system and adjustable air suspension mean that the power is converted into superb handling in pretty much all road conditions. The car is at its very best, though, when cruising effortlessly at motorway speeds.

blue Audi S7 side

They’ve really pushed the boat out with the S7. 


Slip into the sports seats covered with Valcona leather and you can tell that you’re in for a luxurious, as well as an exciting, ride. The seats are adjusted electronically, which means that you can find the perfect position with very little fuss indeed.

You’re surrounded by a cockpit that has been ergonomically designed to combine comfort with practicality and the three-spoke wheel is also loaded with buttons to put the most important functions at your fingertips.

In the middle of the dash there is a retractable 6.5-inch screen that works with Audi’s MMI infotainment system. Plus, there’s a DAB radio, sat-nav, Bluetooth and a multimedia interface. All you need to keep yourself and the family entertained on long drives or when stuck in traffic. 

Depending on the model, there’s the possibility of a wide range of safety equipment - active cruise control, lane departure indicators, and blind spot warning. Visibility through the tailgate window isn’t that great, so looking for an S7 with a reversing camera could be a very good idea. 

You might expect that the coupe nature of the car would mean that headroom and space in general might be limited in the back, but no. There’s plenty of room for a couple of six-foot adults with some to spare.

Audi S7 interior


There’s another surprise in store when it comes to the question of how practical the S7 really is. Open the tailgate and you’ll find a boot area that would put most other coupes - and even some saloons - to shame. Rest assured, there’s no shop too big or holiday luggage so bulky that it can’t be fitted in the boot. 

Fold the seats down and we’re talking about a seriously large area, ready for some seriously large cargo. Some models also have a so-called “ski-hatch” between the rear seats, handy not just for skis but for any long objects you might want to carry home – like the shelves you just bought.

Running costs and reliability

If you’re in the market for an S7 then you’ll already realise that it’s a pretty thirsty beast. Even if you’re driving like you’re trying to pass your test you’ll struggle to get more than 30 mpg. This figure would even be lower without the clever tech that means only four of the car’s eight cylinders work when it’s not being driven hard.

What we love

Sporty, stylish, beautifully balanced, the Audi S7 is a car that’s got a great deal going for it. The interior is comfortable and luxurious, it’s very practical too and the only thing that might slow down your decision is the cost. 

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It’s hard to find any kind of fault with the Audi S7 as it’s such a well-designed and thought-out car. It’s a real driver’s car too - so best kept for those long and exciting journeys instead of a quick trip to the shops.

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