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Audi A6 estate

Audi A6 review

The executive express Audi A6 is a svelte saloon or estate car that will eat up the miles in comfort. It’s a roomy and altogether civilised machine that’s built to exacting German standards and, especially in Avant estate guise, offers a practical and stylish alternative to an SUV for families.


The Audi A6s for sale on cinch span two generations - you’ll have to look quite closely to spot the difference between the old and new. Either way, you get an aerodynamic “jelly mould” shape that’s softer than the equivalent BMW 5-Series or Mercedes E-Class.

It’s been designed to cut cleanly through the air like a knife to butter, which benefits efficiency and refinement. Audi’s four-ringed logo dominates the large front grille and you can tell newer versions by their modified cat’s eye-style headlamps and undivided lower air intakes.  

Many consider the long-roofed Avant estate version to be the best looking of the bunch. Some may even say it’s one of the best-looking estate cars full stop. If you fancy something a little more rugged then there’s the lifted A6 Allroad to consider as well. 

Audi A6 Allroad

Many consider the long-roofed Avant estate version to be the best looking off the bunch.

What’s it like to drive?

Relaxed, not raucous, is a good way to describe the Audi A6 driving experience. Thanks to that sleek body styling, the A6 is very quiet at motorway speeds, while the engine noises are carefully subdued. It’s a car that was designed to tackle long trips on Germany’s high-speed Autobahn without breaking a sweat.  

Unless you opt for an all-wheel-drive Quattro version, then the Audi A6 is pulled along by its front wheels. If you’re a purist you might prefer a rear-driven used BMW or used Mercedes. The Audi A6 is still extremely accomplished and has excellent ride comfort.  

You’ll find that most models for sale are diesels and the low-down pulling power of these engines suits the A6 down to a tee.  

Audi A6 Allroad

Relaxed, not raucous, is a good way to describe the Audi A6 driving experience.


Audi interiors are legendary for their simple, elegant design - and the A6 is no exception. There’s a one-piece sweeping feel to the way the dashboard and doors join, creating the sensation of being encapsulated, not cramped. It’s certainly spacious up front and the rear leg and headroom is also good, despite the A6 not being especially tall.  

Audi A6 interior

The A6 comes extremely well-equipped with luxury goods like leather seats, dual-zone climate control, sat-nav, parking sensors and cruise control as standard. If you like your sounds, you’ll really appreciate the Bose premium audio system with DAB radio.  

Later versions may even be fitted with an optional head-up display that projects your speed and navigation directions onto the windscreen so you don’t have to look away from the road. On these newer models, you’ll find many features are controlled by a large touchscreen with haptic feedback just like your smartphone. Connecting your mobile to the car to use Android Auto or Apple Carplay features is child’s play. By that we mean it’s probably best to let your kids do it. 


The Audi A6 is not short of space - one thing to note is that there’s a pronounced hump in the floor, so the middle rear seat passenger does have a bit of short straw on long journeys. The boot is very large even on the saloon and the rear seats can fold to carry longer objects.  

If it’s carrying capacity you’re after then you can’t beat the Avant estate version. The loadspace is massive and as it’s an estate you can pile luggage up to the roof if you need. Perfect for taking the whole family snowboarding.  

Audi A6 rear seat interior

Running costs and reliability

The majority of Audi A6s sold have been powered by diesel engines, which provide lots of pulling power with impressive fuel efficiency. Expect to see 50mpg or more with a 2.0TDI, while the more powerful three-litre version will be a bit juicier.  

Audi also made petrol versions, including the powerful S6 and RS6. If you’re considering one of those, running costs aren’t likely to be of concern.  

What we love

The cabin of the Audi A6 is a very pleasant place to spend time. Long haul trips are, quite literally, a cinch thanks to the car’s effortless refinement and diesel engine economy. Its aerodynamic styling is attractive, but not attention-seeking. 

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The stylish interiors, great storage and powerful engines mean this can be all things to all people. Need to look great pulling up to the office? Check. Want to head into the hills with the family? Easy. In fact, there’s not much the A6 can’t do. 

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