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Which Premier League fans have furthest to travel?

How far are you willing to drive to see your favourite football team? See the total miles for Premier League away days travelled by loyal fans

A man wearing blue football boots stood on a football

There aren’t many things that will stand in the way of a football fan and their favourite team, and mileage doesn’t seem to be one of them.

While heading to away games will obviously mean some travelling, some fans make truly lengthy trips to be there in person.

We calculated which football loyalists have the longest round trips to make for this Premier League season – see the table below to find out where your team’s fans sit on the list.

So, whatever trip you're making this season, whether it's Turf Moor in a Tesla, Bramall Lane in a BMW i8, or Anfield in an Audi A3, we've got the lowdown on what kind of mileage you'll be racking up.

Premier League away day road trips

The prize for the most dedicated football fans goes to Newcastle United supporters, as they’ll rack up the largest number of miles travelled across the Premier League season. They can look forward to a total of 8,835 miles to cover in their domestic campaign at an estimated cost of £1,320 in fuel per fan.

Newcastle supporters are set to take on some of the longest journeys in the league, including the 695-mile round trip to Bournemouth and a 691-mile round trip to Brighton and Hove Albion, both on the south coast.

They’re often the team with the most miles to cover, but this season they can look forward to fewer trips as one of last season’s biggest journeys – the 644-mile round trip to Southampton – won’t take place owing to the Saints’ relegation from the Premier League.

Second-place is awarded to Bournemouth for mileage, as their south coast location and two club addition from the north means that Cherries supporters have the second-highest away mileage in the league with 6,883 miles to travel, setting fans back £1,024 each in fuel (petrol/diesel).

Luton Town enter the Premier League and look forward to a laidback approach to travel, covering the fewest number of miles and measuring at less than half of what Newcastle fans can expect to cover.

'More than just a game'

cinch motoring editor Sam Sheehan said: “Football is more to its supporters than just a game, and the lengths fans will go to for their team is truly inspiring.

“Through this research, you will see the distances that football supporters will go to follow and support their team, how many miles they’re likely to collect and the cost of travel expenses driving to away days.

“The fact that Newcastle United have the furthest to travel but take with them the reputation as one of the best-supported teams away from home, is testament to a club that embarks on its latest journey into Europe this season, racking up even more miles along the way."

An infographic showing how many miles football fans must drive across the UK

Total miles for Premier League away days

  1. Newcastle United – 8,835 total miles, £1,320 cost of fuel per fan

  2. Bournemouth – 6,883 total miles, £1,024 cost

  3. Burnley – 6,338 total miles, £950 cost

  4. Brighton & Hove Albion – 6,323 total miles, £938 cost

  5. Everton – 5,911 total miles, £885 cost

  6. Liverpool – 5,869 total miles, £877 cost

  7. Manchester United – 5,426 total miles, £812 cost

  8. Manchester City – 5,398 total miles, £803 cost

  9. Crystal Palace – 5,028 total miles, £745 cost

  10. Sheffield United – 4,790 total miles, £718 cost

  11. West Ham – 4,755 total miles, £705 cost

  12. Wolverhampton Wanderers – 4,541 total miles, £677 cost

  13. Nottingham Forest – 4,496 total miles, £671 cost

  14. Fulham – 4,439 total miles, £658 cost

  15. Chelsea – 4,432 total miles, £657 cost

  16. Brentford – 4,424 total miles, £656 cost

  17. Tottenham Hotspur – 4,396 total miles, £652 cost

  18. Aston Villa – 4,320 total miles £644 cost

  19. Arsenal – 4,265 total miles, £632 cost

  20. Luton Town – 4,162 total miles, £624 cost

The distance from each football stadium was calculated using the AA mileage calculator. Each journey was calculated by adding a return route so that the total distance of a round trip could be identified. The total cost was calculated at the suggested cost of £0.15 per mile. The AA Mileage calculations are based on what it considers to be the quickest and easiest (but not necessarily the shortest) route, based on average off-peak driving conditions.

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