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What does the colour of your car say about you? 

Whether you drive a red Fiat or a blue BMW, find out what your car colour could mean

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The most popular car colour options

Choosing the colour of your car can be very personal and will often say a lot about you, whether you believe so or not.

Your colour preferences can actually reflect your driving style and character, according to colour psychologists and therapists.

The most popular coloured cars searched for on our website are black, followed by white, grey, blue, red, silver, green, orange, and yellow, with pink being the least popular.

But what does the colour of the car mean about the driver?

Black cars

Black BMW 6 Series Gran Turismo driving along road

We know it’s the leading colour search on our website, and black is a colour that oozes sophistication and elegance.

Sam Sheehan, our motoring editor, explained: “On our website and app, black is the most searched-for car colour.

“And it’s easy to see why – you can’t go wrong with the timeless appeal of a black vehicle.

“Drivers of black cars like to get from A to B in style, but without any fuss or unnecessary drama.

“These motorists are also being savvy when it comes to car cleaning costs. Dark-coloured cars hide dust and dirt for longer than lighter colours – meaning fewer visits to the car wash.”

White cars

White Volkswagen ID.7 parked in front of a hill

The cleanliness and pure feeling of white is a colour you might lust after if you like peace and calm.

Suzy Chiazzari, a colour psychologist and therapist, said: "If you’re in the driving seat of a white vehicle, you probably have a modern, forward-thinking spirit and can adapt to any challenge you might find on the journey ahead.

“You’re also meticulous and very organised – vital for when it comes to keeping your car spotless!”

Grey or silver cars

Audi Q8 e-tron driving along road

Grey is another colour that’s popular among UK motorists and is an inoffensive option that will appeal to many people.

“Drivers of grey cars are more cautious and don’t necessarily want to stand out from the crowd,” Chiazzari shared.

“In fact, grey vehicles do the job just right, as they are practical and reliable in all weather conditions. They're able to hide muddy stains well and prioritise functionality over showiness.

“In short, if you’re the proud owner of a grey model, you’re sober, rational and pragmatic.”

Blue cars

Front three-quarters view of blue Hyundai Bayon driving on road

Blue is actually a really popular colour that many people have labelled their favourite from a young age. It’s a relaxing tone that looks brilliant on cars.

If you have a blue vehicle, you might just be the best driver any passenger could wish for. According to Suzy, you’re a faithful road-trip companion and a person that all travellers can trust to have a safe and good time with.

With a relaxed, chilled temperament, you hit the road with a calm head and avoid the temptation of driving too fast.

Red cars

Red Volkswagen ID.5 parked on country road

Red symbolises action, passion and strength, and will likely appeal to drivers with a vibrant personality.

“If you own a red vehicle, you’re bound to have quick reactions,” Chiazzari commented. “You are a confident motorist who isn’t afraid of being in everyone’s line of vision.

“You are dynamic, you thrive on adventures and strong emotions, and you have a rebellious spirit.

“That said, you understand the importance of being safe at the wheel. In fact, red-coloured cars are among the safest on the road, as they are easy to spot in the traffic.”

Yellow and orange cars

A yellow BMW M4 Coupé driving through some hills

You might have fallen victim to a game of ‘yellow car, no return’ while out on a road trip, or love the glow of an orange vehicle – but these are some of the least common on the roads.

Our colour psychologist and expert says that people with orange or yellow cars are often extroverted and sunny. They usually enjoy being in the driver’s seat, taking their loved ones for a cruise.

Owners of orange and yellow cars usually look on the bright side of life and are rarely gloomy or down.

Green cars

One of the rarer options on UK roads is the green car, but this doesn’t mean that all drivers of green vehicles are ‘out-there’ and eccentric.

In fact, Chiazzari shared that: “Someone who’s in control of a green vehicle is a trustworthy, well-balanced individual who knows exactly what they want in life.

“They’ll go about their daily activities without any hassle, steering along city roads and country lanes with a modest and harmonious attitude.”

Other car colours

There are plenty of other car colours on UK roads that can say a lot about their driver.

Purple vehicles usually belong to drivers who enjoy making a statement and being unique, while pink car drivers are even bolder. If you drive a pink car, there’s a likelihood that you have a bubbly and outgoing personality.

While not featuring in our top 10 most popular car colours, figures on our website show that motorists also search for brown, beige and gold models in significant numbers. If these more unusual shades of colour float your boat, you’re likely to be a dependable, wise and supportive individual.

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