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BMW X1 xDrive 25e M Sport - cinch Weekend Wheels

This BMW ticks all the boxes - it's a practical family car that's a joy to drive


SUVs aren't always the most savvy when it comes to being efficient and mindful of the environment, but BMW's X1 xDrive25e M Sport goes against the grain somewhat. 

This plug-in hybrid has a total power output of 223hp, with 125hp being delivered by a peppy 1.5-litre petrol engine and an extra 95hp from the electric motor.


It's silent when you turn the engine on, as the car doesn't use the petrol engine when it's stationary or at low speeds. This means when you're stuck in traffic, you're not wasting any petrol. You also have the option of zero-emission driving for short trips, which is an added bonus. As when brand-new, this SUV has a claimed impressive electric range of 32 miles, meaning you can nip to the shops or do the school run purely using the electric engine. 

To harness the X1's sporty performance, BMW has made this car incredibly fun to drive, with exceptional handling. It feels well balanced and agile when cornering, which can't be said for other SUVs on the market. The car also feels well balanced and composed when cornering, plus the car's impressive acceleration (0-62mph in 6.9 seconds) means people who enjoy driving will certainly get a kick out of this beast. 


This X1 is easy on the eye, with the blacked-out rear windows being a classy touch. It also carries plenty of character as it features many sharp edges, as well as plenty of attitude with its black paint job.

BMW is known for creating comfortable and convenient interiors, and this X1 is no exception. The cabin feels spacious and luxurious, thanks to its tremendous build quality and premium materials. You're also treated to a high-quality infotainment system that looks dazzling and is easy to use, meaning you won't be faffing around trying to operate it while you're behind the wheel. 


This is a proper SUV too – both driver and passengers have plenty of legroom and headroom, even in the backseats. Because it's a hybrid, you lose out on a little boot space due to the added electrics, but it's still a practical family car.

The BMW X1 xDrive25e M Sport available in our online showroom is up for £34,400, or the equivalent monthly rate. Pop over to electric showroom if you like the look of this hybrid SUV.