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Volkswagen ID.3 video review - the best electric car for EV newbies?

Our latest video car review is live, featuring Volkswagen’s ID.3 electric hatchback at Rockingham!

The Volkswagen ID.3 might just be all the electric car most of us will ever need. With cute looks, a spacious interior and a battery electric powertrain that perfectly blends performance and range, it’s the thinking person’s EV. Though the same could be said for lots of new electric hatchbacks these days – so what gives the ID.3 its edge? That’s what we’re out to answer in our latest video car review, which takes us back to a sun-baked Rockingham. 

The ID.3 Sam gets to drive on track is a well-specced, ‘1st Edition’ model, so it gets all the bells and whistles of a top variant, with some unique styling features, too. Underneath, there’s a 200hp electric powertrain connected to a 58kWh battery, which is located low in the car’s floor. Volkswagen quotes 260 miles between charges, making this a competitive offering to the electric hatchback class, and one that will see many a motorist through a week’s needs and beyond.

It’s a strong entrant when you consider the practicality on offer, too, because the ID.3 – despite looking fairly compact on camera – is a big car, with loads of interior space, most evident in the extended legroom for rear passengers. Volkswagen hasn’t tried to reinvent the wheel with its ID.3 interior, so it gets a mix of typical features you might recognise from the Golf. But that’s largely a good thing, because it means the ID.3 is familiar and easy to approach. 

It’s for this reason cinch would find it especially easy to suggest a Volkswagen ID.3 to those who want a seamless step into the world of electric cars, or those who aren’t interested in being forced to learn about unique technical features. The ID.3 is an electric car that can blend into your life without making a fuss, and that’s a good thing. But don’t just take our word for it, see for yourself in our latest video review. We hope you enjoy it – remember to like, subscribe and click that bell button if you do.