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Viral driving trends that could land you a fine

There are plenty of trending hashtags for driving on TikTok, but which ones could get you in trouble on the roads?

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TikTok viral driving trends

Driving trends are popping up all over TikTok, and with more than 23.3 million people in the UK having accounts, these trends are really getting some attention.

Plenty of these driving trends are harmless fun and include things like decorating your car, but there are a few that could get you in serious trouble.

Take a look at which trends could be trouble so you avoid any issues on the roads.

#decoratemycar - 84.3 million views

With nearly 85 million views, the trend ‘#decoratemycar’ seems to be here to stay, as adding personal touches and decorations to your car is a fun way to make it unique.

It makes sense that drivers want to personalise their vehicle to suit their personality, with some motorists adding gemstones to their dashboard, installing steering wheel covers, or hanging the classic fuzzy dice from the mirror.

Sam Sheehan, motoring editor at cinch, appreciates motorists’ desire to be individuals but warns of the dangers of customising your car’s interior: “While we certainly can’t deny they add a unique look to your interior, these could not only land you a fine but could be dangerous to your driving ability. Covers for your steering wheel and handbrake can affect your grip, which is especially dangerous as you must always be in control of your vehicle.

“Similarly, large rearview mirror accessories could obstruct your vision of the road through your windscreen. The maximum penalty for both breaches is three points on your licence, and you could be fined upwards of £1,000.”

#passdrivingtest - 16.7 million views

A phone mount is an accessory that many of us have in our cars. It’s great for keeping your phone safe while driving and can allow you to use the maps on your smartphone to navigate.

Some TikTok creators have taken to using these phone mounts as a makeshift tripod to film while driving, especially driving instructors who are making informational videos for learner drivers.

Ofcom data reports that TikTok’s leading demographic is 16- to 24-year-olds, so it’s no surprise that ‘#passdrivingtest’ has gained more than 17 million views.

However, the UK government website states that using your phone or any other portable electronic device while driving is illegal, including if you’re stopped at traffic lights or supervising a learner driver. So, even if you’re filming informational content, you are still breaking the law.

If you’re caught filming while driving, you could be fined £200 and get six penalty points on your licence. Depending on the severity, you could even be taken to court, where you risk a ban from driving or a £1,000 fine.

#carkaraoke – 526 million views

You’d likely be lying if you said you’ve never sang along to your playlist while driving, especially if you’ve got your backup singers in the car with you.

More than 526 million people have viewed the ‘#carkaraoke’ trend on TikTok, with plenty of creators immortalising their singer efforts on the platform.

While we are often imagining our Carpool Karaoke debut alongside James Cordon, getting too into your performance could distract you from the road ahead.

This could fall into a similar category of having insufficient control of your vehicle as filming your drive and could see you receive three points on your licence and a fine of as much as £1,000.

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