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Mini Cooper S Exclusive II - cinch Weekend Wheels

What’s more perfect for a British summer than the Union Jack-themed convertible Mini Cooper S Exclusive II?


In the season of sunshine, heatwaves, ice creams and epic road trips, there are few more quintessentially English cars than the Mini. This Cooper S is a thrilling drive; one you want to take on a country excursion as well as running around town on the daily. And it’s a convertible, which is a blessing in this heat!

If you’re wondering what the Exclusive II part of this Mini Cooper S title means, don’t worry, you don’t have to be a VIP to snag this car from our website. Mini revised its trim structure back in 2018, and the Exclusive II is one of three new trim options.

We love that this Cooper S is finished in the Exclusive trim because it’s a great alternative to the other top-level trim, the Sport. You get more comfort and style inside and out with the Exclusive, but because the Cooper S is already sporty to drive, you aren’t losing out on any thrills.

Even though the Cooper S is a small car, it packs a punch with a 2.0-litre petrol engine that manages 189hp and 0-62 in 6.6 seconds. This car is automatic, so it’s also easy and relaxing. If you want, you can use the paddle shift gears to unleash a bit of your inner sport car driver too!

 Mini Cooper S Exclusive IIWhile half the joy of owing a Cooper S is life behind the wheel, the other half is how well it takes care of you and your passengers. It’s full to the brim with luxe features and the latest tech. This car has leather seats and matching leather steering wheel, and the paint job is hot, hot, hot! Fire orange with black stripes – it’s a head turner.

The black and chrome accents add cool contrasts and make it a bit tougher too. Inside, ambient lighting creates a great atmosphere, plus you get heated seats (maybe not for summer!), dual climate control, Bluetooth, sat-nav, keyless go and illuminated Cooper S doorsteps as you hop in. For quick manoeuvres around town, utilise the rear parking sensors, parking pilot and hill start assist.

 Mini Cooper S Exclusive II interiorWith only four seats and two doors, we wouldn’t put this top of the list if you want a family car, but it’s plenty big enough for a staycation with friends. Only having two seats in the back frees up some space for two adults, and with the roof down there’s no height restrictions either!

If you’re picturing yourself driving around in this premium hot hatch under the 2022 summer sun, then jump across to our online showroom to snap it up! It’s yours for £24,500, or the equivalent monthly rate. It can be on your driveway in as little as one week, which should give you time to flee to the nearest beach before the temperature soars…

By Freda Lewis-Stempel