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2024 Mini Aceman previewed by striking concept

A production version of this electric crossover concept will slot into revamped Mini range


Mini has unveiled its Aceman concept car, but unlike other concepts that never see the light of day, a production version will be released in 2024.

The Aceman is a compact electric crossover that will fill the gap between the iconic Mini hatchback and the Mini Countryman SUV. 

It's believed this so-called concept car will not be too different to the EV that will be available to buy in two years' time. 



The Aceman has caught our attention in the same way the Renault 5 did, with its space-age design, unashamedly futuristic features, and mixing of retro characteristics and futuristic tech. 

With it being at such an early stage in the design process, we know very little about this crossover when it comes to its range and battery size. 

However, we do know that the new electric Mini hatchback will be available with a 40kWh battery, while the S version will have a 50kWh battery. These will deliver in the region of 250 miles, so we expect the Aceman to be at least on a par with this – if not delivering slightly more! 


Mini has continued to show its affinity to Great Britain, with the Union Jack flag design being incorporated into part of the rear headlights (which is nothing new), but also in the wheel arches, the roof rack and and the front grill. 

It's also safe to say the designers have gone for a full clear-out in the interior. They've stripped back and decluttered the cabin, making it a minimalistic and spacious space for the driver.

Keep your eyes peeled as Mini slowly drip-feeds us details of this exciting EV. 

By George Boulton