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Mercedes-AMG GLC 43 – cinch Weekend Wheels

Want a fine and functional car that’s also menacing and muscular? Mercedes has just the answer

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Given that it’s a handsome, practical SUV with masses of badge prowess, it’s little wonder that the Mercedes-Benz GLC is a cinch top-seller. You’re certainly not short of choice with this popular five-seater, which comes in many guises, headed by hot AMG variants with potent engines and muscular bodies. Mercedes-AMG – the performance car division of Mercedes-Benz – crams all of its sports car expertise into the top GLC models, meaning these big, burly machines feel and drive as if they were lighter sports cars. Albeit with big boots.

It’s this physics-defying performance that makes the Mercedes-AMG GLC 43 and 63 models so impressive. The 43, with its turbocharged V6 engine, packs 367hp, while the 63, with its twin-turbo V8, has 476hp. AMG even does a 63 S model with a planet-shifting 510hp. But we at cinch like to be at least a little bit sensible, which is why for our latest Weekend Wheels suggestion, we’ve gone with the slightly-less-potent-but-still-ruddy-entertaining Mercedes-AMG GLC 43 you see here. Rest assured it’ll blow your socks off.

You see, that 3.0-litre V6 engine can catapult the GLC to 62mph in under five seconds, plenty fast enough to see you up to motorway speed before the kids can say Mercedes-AMG GLC 43 4Matic. And yes, this is an all-wheel drive machine – hence the '4Matic' in its name – so it’s the perfect way to enjoy autumnal weekend drives with the whole family, with luggage, dogs and whatever else your active lifestyle demands aboard. It looks, goes and sounds the part, but doesn’t trade on the regular GLC’s functionality with that AMG makeover.

This is a proper makeover, too, which means that an exciting V6 engine is accompanied by more powerful AMG brakes, sportier suspension and grippier tyres, all combined to create a package that’s engaging and capable. Thanks to the car’s tall ride height and its all-wheel drive system, you can enjoy its wide-ranging talents throughout the year. The rise of the performance SUV has made sports car ownership so much easier, and AMG is one of the best in the business when it comes to maximising the fun with practicality.

Sold? We certainly are. So let us direct your attention to the three-year-old, 23,573-mile car here. Handsome, but not overly brash like some rivals (not naming any names), you’d be hard pressed to not fall for this GLC through the colder months. Helping with that will be this car’s heated leather seats, electric tailgate and ambient lighting, which should help to brighten spirits when the shorter days of November are upon us. Not that a car with such a tuneful V6 engine needs any help with that. Just pressing the starter button will do the job.