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Jaguar F-Pace 400 Sport revamps British SUV for '22

Oh, and there's a new F-Pace 300 Sport as well. Watch out Porsche Macan...

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In a bid to give the mid-sized SUV's range a refresh before summer arrives, Jaguar has introduced two new versions of its F-Pace to the world: the 400 Sport and the 300 Sport. Adding more style and sportiness (if the name didn't already give the latter away), the new-for-22 models come with an exterior and interior upgrade, further refined infotainment system, and a more powerful mild hybrid package. More on that shortly.

The two new (and appropriately spruced-up) versions of the Jaguar F-Pace get unique 21-inch gloss black alloy wheels (which can go up to 22-inch as an optional upgrade), privacy glass and gloss black roof rails. Inside the car you're treated to a panoramic glass roof as well as ambient lighting, with a choice of 30 colours, allowing you to customise your cockpit - or, if you're indecisive, spend every day of a month bathed in a different colour.

Jaguar has also integrated Amazon Alexa, which you can link up with your other Alexa devices, allowing you to ask all the usual questions you'd ask a trusty digital companion, such as  'are my car windows open?' or 'is my car locked?', as well as commands like 'turn on the car heating,' all while you're still sat at home eating crisps. It's a pretty handy and intelligent bit of kit.

If you're wondering what the difference between the 300 Sport and 400 Sport is, thankfully, it's pretty simple. The 400 Sport comes with a 3.0-litre six-cylinder turbocharged petrol engine, while the 300 Sport is a 3.0-litre six-cylinder twin-turbocharged diesel. They're both mild hybrids - meaning their respective petrol or diesel engine is supported by a little electric motor for improved efficiency.

To crunch the numbers, the 400 Sport does 0-60 in an impressive 5.1 seconds, with the petrol-powered version having 400hp and 550nm of torque. While the diesel-powered 300 Sport delivers 300hp and 650nm of torque, making it a second slower (6.1 seconds) in the 0-60mph battle compared to the 400 Sport. Take note, drag strip owners.

Of course, all of that kit and performance does ensure the 400 Sport will set you back £68,520, while the 300 Sport is £62,650. That makes both versions of the new F-Pace Sport model pricier than, say, a Porsche Macan S. But also a sizeable chunk cheaper than the F-Pace SVR - which starts at £81,510. Although that does buy you one of the most beguiling SUVs on the planet, with a V8 engine that sounds like Thor when he's angry...

If you're interested in buying a Jaguar F-Pace, we don't blame you. It's a lovely, lovely thing. And at the time writing, cinch has a 2018 model with 61,250 miles on the clock available at just £23,800. For real. See this and other great F-Pace models in our online showroom.