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Hyundai Kona N video review – the most comprehensive test yet!

Is this 280hp front-drive crossover the maddest car of its class? You bet. Times a hundred.

Hyundai’s Kona N is arguably the maddest car of the crossover class. But in its bid to be exciting, is this 280hp newcomer still actually capable of handling family duties and the weekly shop? In our most comprehensive review yet, we hit the road, fill the boot and then get the stopwatch out at Rockingham to put this £35,395 newcomer to the test, proper. And wow, does it deliver.

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We have more. Below, you'll find the onboard video of our timed Kona N lap, which we've published because we wanted to make sure this test was as thorough as possible. Spoiler alert: the Kona N is ruddy quick.