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Ford Puma - cinch Easter Weekend Wheels special

This sporty SUV is fun to drive yet still brilliantly practical. It's handsome, too

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Revamping a classic song for the 21st Century is often a sure-fire way to bag a top hit. But doing the same with a car is a little riskier, because car fanatics don't always like change. Thankfully though, despite having boldly rebirthed the Puma - once a sleek coupe model with a surprisingly large fanbase - into a high-riding crossover, Ford’s latest attempt at a revamp has been a roaring success. The small and sporty Puma SUV is still selling like hotcakes in 2022. Or should we say hot cross buns? Happy Easter weekend…

The Puma was brought to the market to rival the Nissan Juke, Volkswagen T-Roc and Skoda Kamiq, no less, and it's definitely given these big sellers stiff competition. Here at cinch, we love technology, and the fact that the Puma comes with mild-hybrid and fully hybrid options is a strong selling point. In the top-selling mild-hybrid model, a little electric motor that uses 48-volt tech works hand in hand with the 1.0-litre petrol engine, improving fuel economy and acceleration.

Thanks to the electric motor's helping hand, even the base-level Puma can hit 62mph in under 10 seconds. And yet the sporty-looking Puma is also a comfortable cruiser that maintains speed well on the motorway. It offers the best of both worlds. If you want even more power, there's a 1.6-litre ST version that can crack 62mph in under seven seconds. It's a right old laugh to drive, and genuinely quicker off the mark than plenty more premium offerings. So those sporting claims are accurate.

The interior of the Puma also pulls its weight, with a nice finish, soft-touch materials in the upper half of the cabin and great seats. You won't have a problem getting comfy - there's plenty of freedom to move the steering wheel and seating height to your heart's desire, meaning it caters for all shapes and sizes. There's also a quick-responding 8.0-inch touchscreen system, which is simple to use and allows you to control music and other infotainment features, meaning the rest of the dash is left tidy and uncluttered.

When it comes to practicality, the boot space is very generous indeed. We're still scratching our heads at this, as it's like Mary Poppins' bag - deceptively huge. It boasts a larger boot than the Ford Focus, despite having a smaller overall footprint than that car. With a wide and square opening, it's easy to load all sorts into the back, plus it comes with a nifty storage compartment under the boot floor - which has a rubber lining and a plug hole. Perfect for those muddy boots and wellies after a walk in the countryside or sandy towels after a trip to the beach. The sporty shape of the Puma doesn't limit space for passengers in the back too, as there's plenty of legroom and headroom for adults. 

This good-looking yet practical SUV is also remarkably affordable. In cinch's showroom, we (at the time of writing) have one available for just £20,500 or the equivalent monthly rate. Although the one we've picked out here is a few hundred pounds more, because it comes with that mild-hybrid tech and even sportier ST-Line trimmings. That’s no Easter egg, it’s just good old-fashioned great value.