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UK's extreme heat to cause huge rise in breakdowns, say experts

The RAC is expecting an increase of up to 20% – here are our tips on what you can do to avoid getting stuck


Brits are bracing themselves for extremely hot weather throughout July, and experts are warning it will leave cars at an increased risk of breaking down.

The RAC says the heatwaves we have on the horizon are likely to trigger a sharp rise in the number of breakdowns – with suggestions of 1,000 more a day than what’s normal for this time of year. 

Sadly, it’s going to get even warmer, with the Met Office’s 'extreme heat' weather warnings set to continue this month, with temperatures potentially topping 40 degrees in parts of the UK. 

The RAC forecasts the number of drivers needing help on Monday (18 July) and Tuesday (19 July) could be 20% higher than normal. So, it’s important to prepare for the worst.

If the worst should happen and your car does conk out in this scorching heat, it’s important you’re ready for it.

An important item to store in your boot is an emergency kit, which will keep you safe while you wait for assistance. It’s also important to remember plenty of water, food, and any emergency medication you might need. Don't forget hats, sunblock, and umbrellas to protect against the sun, and also ensure your phone is fully charged so you can reach out for help.

You can also take steps to prime your car for the rising temperatures. Firstly, it's crucial to check your oil and coolant levels, as well as checking your tyres are healthy. They must not have any notable damage and have good tread, and it's a good idea to check they are at the right pressures. If you have any doubts, it’s worth taking your car to a professional to take a closer look.

By George Boulton