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Range Rover Evoque Convertible - cinch Weekend Wheels

This unique Land Rover model is quite possibly the perfect SUV for spring and summer months

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British weather can never truly make its mind up, one week it's over 20°C, the next the snow and baltic winds return! But this latest edition to Weekend Wheels is ready for all seasons, allowing you to soak up the sun with the top down or comfortably cruise with the heaters blowing through a cold winter. 

If you're an SUV-loving fashionista, the Range Rover Evoque Convertible is quite possibly your ideal motor. Alright, it's a bit Marmite as far as cars go, but that's part of the appeal, right? It stands out. Plus, it's an unashamedly urban-focused SUV, which can hold its own in city traffic or coast along the motorway, as the miles click away, no stress. A 0-60mph time of 9.7 seconds means you've more than enough grunt to keep up with the traffic.

And don't forget, the Evoque Convertible is a Land Rover. The soft top and luxurious interior are all a bonus, but it's also got decent ground clearance and clever slippery surface modes. This two-door car has two seats in the front and back, meaning it is as perfect for couples as it is small families who like wind in their hair. For a convertible, there's sufficient legroom for adults to sit in the back, too. 

This lovely 2.0-litre 2018 model is ready and waiting in our digital showroom, with mod-cons like heated leather seats and a slick infotainment system to keep you happy no matter the climate. It's on cinch for £31,450, or the equivalent monthly rate, with only 48,003 miles on the clock. The weather might not be sunny right now, but summer is just around the corner...