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BMW i3 - cinch Weekend Wheels

This week's choice looks futuristic, is high-tech and fun to drive. Oh and it's electric

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This is one of the most unique and eye-catching city cars on the market. But beyond it's unique style - the BMW i3 has been a game changer in the world of electric cars. The i3 first came out in 2013 and has continued to hold its own and be a prominent choice in the EV world. Despite nearing its 10th anniversary (yes, we’ve got the birthday candles ready), the i3 remains as one of the most premium small electric cars out there.

This sleek EV is innovative, deceptively fast, fun to drive and possesses the plush interior you’d come to expect from BMW. One of the big selling points is that its strong performance means this car has plenty of presence on the road, despite being a small car. Since its launch in 2013 many manufacturers have rivalled BMW with the likes of the Nissan Leaf, Renault ZOE and VW ID3 but the i3 continues to be a mainstay. You can get your hands on i3 today for just £14,950 with cinch (available at the time of writing).

The i3 is an excellent choice for someone looking to enter the world of electric cars. You can get your hands on a fully electric version and go all in or you can opt for an older model, which comes with a little petrol engine, these are known as range extenders. The little petrol engine will give you more distance between charges – it's a perfect solution for those worried about charging and gives you that extra piece of mind. Most models of the i3 can comfortably manage roughly 125 miles, while the range extender will give you a total of 205 miles, according to BMW. You can charge this car from 20%-80% in just 30 minutes – which will give you 90 miles of range when you use a rapid 50kW charger. If you were to get a charge point installed at home it would take just under 3.5 hours, while a traditional household three-pin plug would be an 8-hour job.

You'll know the typical saying… ‘don’t judge a book by its cover’ but that certainly applies to i3 when it comes to performance. This small city car is a bit of a pocket rocket. The electric motor sparks into life the moment you dabble with the accelerator. The instant torque from the electric motor delivers 168hp and manages 0-62mph in 7.3 seconds. Coupled with agile handling, this nippy car is a perfect choice when you’re dashing around the city while also having the power to comfortably cope on the motorway.

The interior instantly feels premium and spacious thanks to its uncluttered design. Details such as the leather-trimmed steering wheel, touchscreen infotainment system and heated seats are luxurious and upmarket. The clean and minimalistic interior makes driving around the city a pleasant experience. The driver also sits high up on the road for what’s a hatchback, giving you great visibility of the road ahead. It’s a five-door car but with four seats, meaning it also feels roomy in the back too – with plenty of legroom and headspace.

This high-tech city car is also an affordable choice in cinch’s showroom – at the time of writing we have an i3 available for under £15,000, or you can opt for a range-extender model for £18,300 here.