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8 reasons to visit the British Motor Show

The British Motor Show is back from 19-22 August with an unmissable line-up of cars and action

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The British Motor Show is back after a 13-year hiatus from the 19-22 August, with an unmissable line-up of motoring-related fun and action for the whole family. Taking place at the Farnborough International Exhibition & Conference Centre, it’ll provide close access to some of the world’s most exotic and impressive vehicles, celebrities from every corner of the industry and fearless stunt drivers. Mixing static displays with a live action arena, it’s a low-cost way to celebrate and experience all things motoring and more on British soil.

But don’t just take our word for it, let the event’s confirmed list of attendees and activities provide the evidence. We’ve whittled down the selection to eight things that ought to get anyone who enjoys a fun day out – car-related or not – excited about the return of the British Motor Show. It’s been a while, but 2021 brings it back with a real bang.

1.     Supercars galore

Let’s face it. Even if the prospect of supercar ownership is a distant dream, they’re something to admire. Want to see the brand-new McLaren Artura up close? Want to hear a Lamborghini V12 at full chat? Absolutely must see a parade of supercars driving together in the summer sunshine? The British Motor Show’s selection of manufacturers, owner’s clubs and more ensures a big supply of exotica will be on hand to deliver all of the above.

2.     Fully electrified

The number of people in Britain considering a switch to fully electric or hybrid vehicles is growing rapidly by the day, with electric cars now making up 10% of new car sales. Whether you’re on the fence, curious about the latest car technology or already an electric car fanatic, the British Motor Show’s dedicated electric arena will be a must-see feature. The latest, greatest and most exciting electric cars will all be present, included converted classics – and the show might even have a surprise new reveal in store…

3.     Live action arena

Visitors will be treated to a daylong schedule of action in Farnborough’s outdoor arena, complete with a faff free cinch grandstand for the best view in the house. Everything from racing cars – including Laser Tools Racing’s cinch-sponsored BTCC Infiniti – to stunt machines will be out to play on the tarmac. And no doubt making a right old racket while they’re at it. All through each day there’ll plenty of high octane, adrenaline-fuelled entertainment.

4.     Car SOS Live

Stars of popular TV show Car SOS, Fuzz Townshend and Tim Shaw, will get their own space to restore a car live over the whole weekend. Popular cars from the series – including a Ford Cortina, Austin Healey 3000 and MG Metro 6R4, no less – will be on display, while both Townshend and Shaw will be on-stage for an interactive show. You’ll even be able to virtually sit and have you picture taken in cars from the show with the high-tech Car SOS green screen setup. Never has there been a better opportunity for a new profile picture.

5.     Under 17s driving

That’s right, your kids can get behind the wheel of an actual car in a safe and controlled environment, providing them with an early glimpse of what being a grown-up motorist is like. Driving a car with dual controls and an instructor, your young’un can practice clutch control, steering and brake technique, as well as drive through a slalom, giving them a head start experience – and potentially ensuring their love of driving before they can hit the road.

6.     Kids' zone

Even if your little ones are too small to reach the pedals in a real car, they can get stuck in with the motoring fun. A kid zone will let them jump into go karts, compete in slot racing and build their own model car. Oh, and they can let a big (professional) person take them for a spin – quite literally – in a Caterham drift taxi. Top tip: Make sure you leave the ice cream break until after that one.

7.     Classic cars

Not all of the cars at the British Motor Show will be modern. In fact, a whole area of the event will be focused on classic cars, the beauty of cars and, just as appealing, the once common cars many of our parents owned back in the day. We dare you not to reminisce or drool over the retro petrol machinery here – or, indeed, the electric-converted classics that’ll be on show in the show’s Retro Electric Live section. Those who love the charm of classic motoring as much as they do 21st century technology might just find themselves losing hours in here.

8.     cinch area and ‘showroom’

Last but certainly not least (totally not biased), cinch will be on hand with a selection cars, free coffee and, of course, good times. A selection eight cars from our stock will be on display for you to poke around, while our area will provide you with a spot to relax between shows. Or, perhaps, ponder your next car purchase. Because, who’re we kidding? A car show filled with so much temptation is liable to make anyone fancy a new motor.

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