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2022 Volkswagen Amarok first look!

The new Amarok pick-up truck is due to go on sale in the UK later this year with a long list of improvements over its predecessor

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Volkswagen has been busy giving its popular pick-up truck, the Amarok, a full makeover - and we’ve got all the details ahead of its launch later this year! It's bigger, better (so the maker says) and can carry and tow heavier loads than the outgoing model, ticking all the right boxes for a buyer who wants a tough workhorse - or someone who fancies themself as a rugged pick-up driver.

Mid-sized pick-up trucks have become increasingly popular in the world of commercial businesses, partly because they're so technically capable, and partly because they're becoming evermore well-equipped. Volkswagen promises sufficient luxury and comfort in the new Amarok, which has been developed in partnership with Ford and shares some parts with the new Ford Ranger. The Amarok shares a chassis (essentially the car's skeleton), suspension and engines with the Ranger. And that's no bad thing.

In comparison to the outgoing generation, the new Amarok is almost 100mm longer, stretching it to 5,350mm. The front and rear overhangs are shorter too, making it easier when tackling bumps and hills when off-roading. The new Amarok’s payload capacity is now 1,200kg. That’s the same weight as a Ford Fiesta, or, if you prefer, about four grand pianos. So long as it fits in the loading bay, you can almost certainly carry it, no problem. Oh, and then there's the towing capacity, which has also been bumped up to 3,500kg – this is the same weight as an ambulance or, ahem, 12 grand pianos.

There will be five different trim levels to pick from with the ‘Base’, ‘Life’, ‘Style’, ‘Panamericana’ and the ‘Aventura’. The Panamericana and Aventura are the two premium choices – with former being primed for off-roading while the Aventura is optimised for on-road use. This allows you to pick a trim that's best suited to your needs. The Amarok’s wheel sizes range from 17-21 inches and you will be able to opt for rear-wheel drive or four-wheel drive options.

The new Amarok will come with Volkswagen's “virtual cockpit” and dashboard design. It can be equipped with as many as 30 different driver-assistance functions, if you go for the top-of-the-range models and tick all the options boxes. With a 10 or 12-inch touchscreen infotainment system (variant dependent) and a top-of-the-range Harman Kardon sound system, for good measure.

With the new Amarok set to arrive later this year, the lineage of this much-loved pick-up truck appears to be picking up where its 12-year-old predecessor leaves off. No pressure, new car, but the Amarok lineage is fast approaching the million sales mark, with 830,000 sold to date...