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Why the Jaguar F-Type V6 S is the best sub-£40k used sports car

380hp, brawny looks and a soundtrack to match - is Jaguar's Porsche 911 rival the best sub-£40k sports car out there?

You’ve got £40k to spend on a used sports car. What do you go for… Porsche 911? Toyota Supra? How about a Jaguar F-Type V6 S? This brawny British two-door is one of the prettiest, best-sounding and nicest-handling cars of any class. For under £40,000, it feels like tremendous value for money – and you’re not forced to buy an older, higher miles car, either. Not on cinch, anyway!

Does that make the F-Type V6 S the thinking person’s way into a life of excitement and pizzazz? Sam certainly thinks so; as you might gather from watching our first-ever Vlog review…

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