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Toyota Aygo MPG and running costs

The Toyota Aygo is a popular city car but how does it do for MPG and general running costs?

a black toyota aygo driving on a road

If you're considering a compact and stylish city car in the form of the Toyota Aygo, you're likely interested in understanding its fuel efficiency and running expenses.

In this guide, we'll break down everything you need to know about the Toyota Aygo's MPG (miles per gallon) figures and running costs, helping you make an informed decision about this nifty little supermini.

What does MPG stand for?

Before diving into the specifics of the Toyota Aygo's fuel economy, let's clarify what MPG stands for.

MPG stands for 'miles per gallon’ and it's a measurement used to indicate how far a vehicle can travel on one gallon of fuel.

The higher the MPG, the more fuel-efficient the car is, which often translates to lower fuel costs.

Toyota Aygo MPG

Petrol Toyota Aygo MPG:

  • 51.4-61.4mpg

The Toyota Aygo is known for its peppy performance and city-friendly design.

In terms of fuel efficiency, it typically achieves around 57mpg in city driving conditions, making it an economical choice for urban commuting and short trips.

a gold toyota aygo x

Toyota Aygo running costs

Fuel efficiency is just one aspect of a vehicle's overall running costs.

When it comes to ownership costs, the Toyota Aygo is often praised for its affordability.

Factors that contribute to its reasonable running costs include efficient engines, modest insurance premiums and relatively low maintenance expenses.

The Aygo sits between insurance groups five and seven, making it one of the cheaper cars to insure, with groups going up to 50 for the more powerful, more expensive models.

As far as other costs, you can expect to pay around £180 a year for road tax and the average UK MOT costs £34.65.

Furthermore, Toyota's reputation for reliability means you're likely to spend less on unexpected repairs and replacements, contributing to the Aygo's overall cost-effectiveness.

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