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How much is a Volkswagen Golf?

The VW Golf is an iconic car with a fair few options – but how much do they cost?

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How much is a VW Golf?

There are few cars that are always a good idea, but the Volkswagen Golf would surely have to be one of them.

It’s an iconic crowd-pleaser that’s always been popular on UK roads and is available as an estate or hatchback model.

There are a few trim levels to choose from in the range, and these come in at different price points.

Purchasing directly from the manufacturer will mean you can choose the exact spec for your VW Golf, but a used Volkswagen is usually cheaper.

On the Volkswagen website, you can find an entry-level VW Golf Life model for prices starting at around £26,565.

This model gets 16-inch alloys, an interior ambient lighting setup, and Car2X intelligent vehicle networking.

The VW Golf R-Line is an ideal model if you want something with a performance focus.

It comes in at prices from £29,775 when brand-new and adds extra features like 17-inch Valencia Grey alloys, R-Line body-coloured bumpers, and driver profile selection.

On our site, a used 2021 VW Golf Life model will cost closer to £19,950 depending on what we have in stock.

A used 2020 R-Line model can cost around £23,450, while a 2017 Golf GTI is usually around £21,2950.

There are plenty of newer Golf models in our used stock as well, including Golf GTD, S, and e-Golf models.

You can also choose to spread the cost with a Personal Contract Purchase (PCP) or Hire Purchase (HP) car finance deal.

This means you can skip the upfront cost of purchasing a Golf.

a white Volkswagen Golf GTI MK8

VW Golf interior and exterior style

There have been so many different VW Golf models over the years that there are a fair few options available when it comes to styling.

Different trim levels will also have an influence, so make sure you compare your options.

The entry-level Golf Life is a great option for enjoying a Golf without the need for too many extras.

The latest models get body-coloured bumpers and a matching rear spoiler, while the interior features front comfort seats and ‘Silver Silk’ inserts for the dash and front door panels.

The VW Golf R-Line models are an ideal step-up in the range for a sporty finish.

The extra touches start inside with ‘Sardegna’ cloth seats and ‘Carbon Grey’ decorative insights. You get even more flare from the 15-inch alloys and ‘R-Line’ bumpers.

For extra performance focus, choose the Golf R model. This one not only offers more power and sharp handling, but there’s added rear tinted glass, 18-inch alloys, and the GTI Clubsport bumpers.

Inside, aluminium and chrome details add to the sporty feel, while the heated leather steering wheel is a treat for those winter months.

While the iconic Golf is always instantly recognisable, choosing a different trim lets you put your own spin on the interior and exterior design.

There are also the estate models to choose from if you want a more spacious option.

Are VW Golfs safe and practical?

In its 2022 test, the Volkswagen Golf scored a full five-star Euro NCAP safety rating when tested with the standard equipment.

This includes an 88% adult occupant rating and 87% for children.

VW Golf models get ISOFIX car seat points, autonomous emergency braking and speed assistance systems, as well as lane keep assist.

As for practicality, the boot size in the VW Golf can vary slightly across the range and especially so if you choose an estate model.

In the Golf estate, you can expect a 611-litre boot that extends to 1,624 litres if you fold the rear seats.

The hatchback Golf is slightly smaller but still has a 380-litre boot that can extend to 1,237 litres.

A white Golf GTD

What are the VW Golf's dimensions?

There’s a clear difference in size between the Golf estate and hatchback variants, but both are spacious and comfortable inside.

The five-door VW Golf measures 4,258mm in length, 2,006mm in height, and is 2,027mm wide with the door mirrors extended. There’s also a 10.9mm turning circle.

The VW Golf Estate is slightly larger and comes in at 4,567mm in length, 2,020mm high, and is 2,027mm in width. The turning circle for this model is 10.9m.

Is the VW Golf fuel efficient?

Fuel efficiency in the VW Golf range will vary massively depending on what engine you choose, as some models are more economical than others and there are options with electric power.

The Golf GTE plug-in hybrid model has an official 246mpg figure on offer, with up to 38 miles of pure electric driving.

This one is ideal if you really want to cut back on fuel usage but aren’t ready for purely battery-powered motoring.

The Golf 1.6 TDI model has an official figure of just up to 67.3mpg, making it another economical choice.

There’s also the Golf BlueMotion setup that’s set to be one of the most efficient in the range. The official stat is 88.3mpg from a 1.6 litre TDI – seriously impressive.

If fuel economy isn’t a priority and you want to focus on power, the Gold R gets an official rating of 36.2mpg but will hit 0-62mph in just 4.7 seconds.

This is using the 4MATIC all-wheel drive and dual-clutch transmission setup.

As for other petrol options, a 1.5 TSI Golf engine can return up to 52.6mpg, making it another efficient choice.

How to know if the VW Golf is for you

The Volkswagen Golf is a car that’s ideal for just about anyone, providing a top choice for a reliable first car or a smaller family transporter.

The spacious boot and options for high fuel economy make it perfect for daily use, but the iconic VW styling gives you something to be proud of when on the roads.

You can also choose a Golf estate model if you need more space, getting a larger boot and even more cabin room.

The hatchback is still a comfortable option, so it’s not a huge deal if that’s where your heart lays.

If sensible isn’t priority, one of the sportier options could be right up your street (or driveway), such as the R-Line, GTI, GTD, GTE, and R models. These are great for a sporty look and performance-focused engines.

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