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4 ways to decorate your car for Christmas

It's not just your home that you can jazz up for the festive season - get your car in the spirit too.

A man and a woman sitting in the back of a car with Christmas decor and presents.

So you’ve got a light-up reindeer in your garden, the wreath is once again hung on your door, and the tree is topped with the traditional Christmas angel. But what about your motor? Any fan of Christmas knows that seasonal automotive vibes can extend further than playing Driving Home For Christmas on a loop. 

Here are four ways of bringing Christmas cheer to your car:

1) The sweet smell of Christmas

For a traditional yuletide feel, grab a couple of cinnamon sticks and tie them together using some festive red ribbon. Hang that sweet smelling package from your rearview mirror and enjoy an sniff of Christmas every time you go for a drive.  

Alternatively, the classic tree-shaped pine air freshener can be given a Christmas makeover using just a few dots of glitter glue in lieu of baubles. 

2) Santa’s lost accessories

“Santa? Oh, you just missed him...”. 

Keep up the pretence that you’re BFFs with the big man by placing a jaunty Santa hat on the passenger headrest. And if anyone asks, just tell them his sled broke down and he needed a lift to the shops. Reindeer can be so unreliable… 

3) Go green with some foliage

If you’re left with a few extra branches once your tree is up, add a few baubles, ribbons and sparkle and put it on your parcel shelf (making sure it doesn’t obscure your vision out of the back window, obviously). Not only will it bring a bit of Christmas cheer to anyone following you, you’ll get that lovely seasonal pine smell every time you go for a ride.

You might need to find out the best way to transport a tree home in your car first...

4) A secret treat for the Christmas countdown

If you have a daily commute, why not build a little something special into each journey?

Just buy an extra advent calendar, and start each drive with something sweet to send you on your way. And while you could fix the calendar to the back of your headrest and share the spoils each day, this might want to be one seasonal touch you hide away in the glove compartment...

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