Bentley Continental

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Bentley Continental: How big is the boot?

The Bentley Continental coupe has a bigger boot than the convertible (it can hold 359 litres of luggage with the seats up).

This allows the coupe to take one pushchair and 2 large bags or 3 large bags. While the convertible takes just 2 large bags.

Is the Bentley Continental easy to park?

Given a typical supermarket space, the Continental is hard to park. (If you want the detail it will fill 81% of the bay). This is the widest car in the Luxury class, and you may need to breathe in a bit when getting in and out.

This car is actually 10mm longer than the average street space, so parallel parking will never be easy.

Which Bentley Continental has the best performance?

The fastest Bentley Continental from 0-60, is the 6.0L petrol (if you’re a petrol head, it has 1017 lbs/ft torque and 700 bhp). It hits 60 mph in 3.4 seconds.

The closest rival in its class is the Aston Martin Rapide 5.9L petrol, which is slower by 1 seconds.

Engine options

model4.0L petrol6.0L petrol
zeroTo624.3 - 4.73.4 - 4.6
torque660 - 680700 - 1017
bhp507 - 521575 - 700