Aston Martin Rapide

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Is the Aston Martin Rapide easy to park?

Given a typical supermarket space, the Rapide is easy to park. (If you want the detail it will fill just just over three quarters of the bay). This is as narrow as cars in the Luxury class get, and gives you the maximum door opening space.

This car is actually 219mm longer than the average street space, so parallel parking will never be easy.

Which Aston Martin Rapide has the best performance?

The fastest Aston Martin Rapide from 0-60, is the 5.9L petrol (if you’re a petrol head, it has 630 lbs/ft torque and 552 bhp). It hits 60 mph in 4.4 seconds.

The closest rival in its class is the Bentley Continental 4.0L petrol, which will beat your Aston Martin Rapide to 60 by 0.1 seconds. That’s a big gap in Formula 1, but not something you would notice in your commute to work.

Engine options

model5.9L petrol
zeroTo624.4 - 5
torque600 - 630
bhp470 - 565