Aston Martin DB11

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Which is the best buy?

The most common Aston Martin DB11 on cinch at the moment is the petrol coupe, so there are plenty to choose from and you can be fussy about quality and price.

What’s the best nearly new deal?

The cheapest two year old Aston Martin DB11 is the petrol convertible - it makes up 15% of the Aston Martin DB11 market.

What’s the best deal on older cars?

The best buy out of cars aged two to five is the 3 year old petrol convertible, as it has lost 7% of its new value, but will typically only be on 27000 miles.

Which model loses least money over a year?

If you are worried about depreciation then buy a 3 year old petrol coupe, as it will only lose 5% of what you pay for it over the first year.